I have a small budget to furnish my TCC apartment. How can I save money on buying furniture?

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Torchlight Townhomes offers its residents furnished TCC apartments, perfect for anyone looking to save some money on buying furniture for their new space.

Student living can be expensive, and a lot of upfront costs can feel overwhelming. Moving into a new apartment and covering rent, utilities, groceries, gas if you have a car, and school supplies is a lot to handle with a small budget. If you get a furnished apartment, it can make the costs a lot less expensive because it comes included with the rent installment. If you got an unfurnished TCC apartment, you must find crafty ways to find furniture for your room and even a common area you might share with other roommates.

The great thing about living in the Tallahassee area is that there are plenty of affordable furniture locations that can allow you to get gently used and sometimes new furniture for half the cost and cheaper.

Look to Thrift Stores Close to Apartments Near TCC

Thrift stores are such a great place to look for furniture because you never know what you might find. Some thrift stores are strictly clothes and others offer the chance to purchase both furniture and clothes. Calling the business and doing a little research beforehand can give you the answers you are looking for.

A few places to look for furniture near TCC apartments include The Living Harvest, Secondhand Sandies off Monroe street, and Two Gals Thrift Shop. These places are first come first serve and the furniture they have on sale is only available until someone takes it for themselves. It's a bet to go in person and search to know exactly what you can find and will be getting when thrift shopping for used furniture.

Seek Out Yard Sales Near TCC Apartments

One of the most adventurous and spontaneous ways to find antique furniture is to attend someone's yard sale. A yard sale normally occurs when someone wants to sell their house and move somewhere else without taking their furniture and other small household items with them. Yard sales are very informal, meaning you are more likely to get a good deal if you bargain the selling price with the owner.

Yard sales around apartments near TCC are somewhat difficult to find due to a lack of advertising and some yard sales are tucked away in neighborhoods off the main roads. In this case, it's luck and maybe a little bit of exploring that can help you find out where all the yard sales are at.

Rent Furniture for Apartments Near TCC

The option of renting furniture for your new apartment is less than ideal because it can get expensive to rent furniture from a company and if you damage the furniture in any way, the owner can fine you with hefty fees. If this is your last resort option, splitting the cost with your 3-bedroom apartment roommates or getting an apartment with roommate matching can help you find other like-minded people who can split costs with you. This can save you money when you share the costs and get you quality furniture for your space.

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