What are ways to be more mindful when living in a FSU apartment with a roommate that has a food allergy?

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Torchlight Townhomes offers its residents plenty of kitchen storage, perfect for anyone trying to separate possible food allergens from other food in apartments near FSU.

It's one thing to have food allergies and deal with them privately, let alone live with other people who have food allergies that you can't control. The liability of hurting another person or creating a hostile situation by having certain foods around is something I'm sure everyone wants to avoid. It might be unavoidable considering the overlap of shared spaces and common rooms in student apartments, but if you are more attentive to your roommate's needs, sharing multiple spaces shouldn't be an issue.

When you live with roommates near Florida State University, if roommates respect each other, the living situation will be amicable for everyone involved. A little patience, consideration, and awareness of the things you buy and store in your apartment near FSU can make the difference between making friends or creating enemies with your roommates. 

Find Out What Foods You Can Keep in Apartments Near FSU

Depending on how severe your roommate's food allergies are, you might need to double bag groceries and keep them as far away from the main pantry as possible. Sometimes FSU apartments have separated pantry compartments with one drawer for each roommate. If this is the case, you might not need to take as much precaution when it comes to storing food. If the pantry is not separated, you might have to store some of your nuts products, peanut butter, and other groceries in air-tight, glass containers. Getting an FSU apartment with tons of storage space can also help keep food that's dangerous for your roommates out of their sight.

If you are living in a 4-bedroom apartment near FSU, you will likely share a refrigerator with three other people. Food contamination is a big risk for anyone living with allergies. It's best to keep your food in nice containers and a specific section of the fridge, so your FSU apartment roommate knows what part of the fridge to avoid.

Be Careful About Cooking Certain in Your FSU Apartment 

Cooking is one of the quickest ways to contaminate someone else's food with allergens. Pieces of food that fly off the pan and particles evaporating in the air can reach someone's nasal cavity and airways, creating a possible allergic reaction for your roommate. It can be incredibly difficult to live with someone and cook near them when they are careless about what they are cooking.

The best way to avoid contaminating cooking surfaces and other ingredients in the kitchen is to clean them after cooking each time, so your roommate never has the chance to touch them. Also, cooking the foods your roommate is allergic to is still possible. If you do this, you should cook when your roommate isn't around and communicate with them about when you normally cook. In this way, you will still be respecting your roommate's wishes without sacrificing your own choice to cook the foods you want in your apartment near FSU.

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