I’m feeling creative. Where can I go to do some artistic activities near FSU apartments?

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Decorate your Boulevard apartment with your artistic pieces.

Even if you're not particularly artistically inclined, it can be good to get out of your FAMU apartment and create some art. It doesn't even have to be good; just the act of creating is enough to get your creative juices flowing and relieve some stress. Plus, if you go out, there will be no risk of ruining your furnished apartment! Luckily, there are plenty of places near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where you can go to paint your cares away with a group of friends or roommates. Plus, if you choose to go it alone, you can meet a ton of cool people from the artistic community. If that sounds like fun, check out these places near FAMU apartments where you can go to get immersed in some artistic activities. 

Art Activities near Railroad Square apartments

If you're on the lookout for community activities, you'll have to check out Obsession Gift Shop in Railroad Square. Every Friday in July, as of writing this article, head on over to learn acrylic pour painting! Materials are provided and everyone is welcome, from experts to beginners. With a different technique every day, you'll be sure to meet many community members of all skill levels.

The Breathe in Color Wellness Studio, located in the Railroad Square art district and founded by a FAMU graduate, is a space offering art workshops, pole fitness classes, and more community events. The space is open to booking, so you can even host your own! It's beloved by the art community and often has a variety of artistic events monthly, so be sure to check their instagram to find out what's next on the itinerary! 

NELL'DIT is another Railroad Square location with a fun, exuberant atmosphere that offers Paint n' Sip, Paint Parties, and art classes! They specialize in group events that bring the energy and have glow in the dark painting activities like their splatter room or glow parties which are perfect for all ages. Book a party package or attend one of their community activities! Also check out Feeling Art, a gallery and art studio that offers classes, private parties, and community collaborations and prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive environment.

Other Artistic Activities near FAMU apartments

Even beyond Railroad Square, Tallahassee has a multitude of organizations offering artistic experiences for the community. Lafayette Park Arts & Crafts Center offers programs for both adults and youth that you can sign up for on their website. This center is open nearly ever day of the week and year-round, including workshops, summer camps, and holiday classes. Classes are offered in a variety of mediums including pottery, stained glass, crochet, and drawing.

Now that you know your options, let this article inspire you to get a group of friends together and get artsy! Not only will you create art, you'll also create memories, get some culture, and meet the people in your community. If funds are a concern, consider having an art day in your own community. Host it in your apartment's community area and invite your neighbors!

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