I'm a nursing student in Tallahassee. How can I find an apartment that is best for me?

If you are looking for an FSU apartment, you might also be a nursing student, as the FSU College of Nursing is one of the largest in the university. This year, the university admitted its largest number of undergraduate nursing students ever. There are apartments near the College of Nursing, the College of Medicine, as well as apartments with amenities that will work best for you. As a side note, if you are a travel nurse, or a graduate student pursuing higher education, FSU has apartments for you as well! Perhaps for travel nurses, those leases and their lengths would coordinate more with your temporary contracts.


One of the biggest things to think about when choosing an apartment, either right now or in the future, would be location. You could have an apartment near public transportation. Public transportation is a great idea on its own, as you could save money with better or nonexistent fares (from being a student). There are also apartments in walking distance to FSU if you are without a car or trying to save money. A cheap apartment would also help with that.

It is also important to live near someplace important to you. Like I said, you could live near the College of Nursing. Perhaps you would like to join one of the sorority houses, given you are female. There are options for apartments near sorority houses, and you can check the website for GreekRank to find others' opinions on the sororities at FSU. Perhaps there are nursing student-specific sororities or fraternities to join. It would be a great way to stay social with other nursing students.

Nursing is a great choice of study. The profession is crucial, and so are the people in it. Jump-starting your career while studying would be so easy if you lived in an apartment near a healthcare facility, such as Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Be sure to check out their career site for employment possibilities.


As a nursing student, you are constantly either working or studying. Your apartment should have features and amenities that help you with these tasks, as well as spaces to help you clear your mind. To keep your strong nursing physique, consider an apartment with a fitness center. You could exercise, take a dip in your apartment swimming pool, or take a nature trail walk with a companion. Taking a moment to relax when you study and work in a high-intensity profession is extremely important.

As we discussed, socialization is important for a young nurse, and attending community events at FSU would help you meet other nursing students, or students with other majors. When looking for an FSU apartment, ask the housing directors if there are study rooms or common rooms in the building where you can either be secluded or social. As we know, both are important.

Whether you choose an apartment near FSU based on its proximity to your school or work, or if you pick based on the amenities that work for your needs, you deserve to find an apartment perfect for you. So, start looking over the RentTally website and begin your search!

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