Are there any TCC apartments convenient to both school and an area with a lot of employment opportunities?

Many students have to work while they go to college. Searching for TCC apartments near campus and your place of employment will take one less stress out of your life! Depending on what type of job you have or want, and what your hours are, living and working within a close distance of each other gives you greater flexibility with both your class and work schedule.

Our RentTally search tool makes hunting for TCC apartments quick and easy! If you are looking for a new home that is convenient to campus, be sure to look for an apartment in Northwest or Southwest Tallahassee. This is the area where TCC is located. Thankfully, if you're looking for a nearby job, you're in luck! Both of these areas have a variety of businesses to choose from. Many students find employment in this area, mainly due to the convenience of home and school.

Northwest Tallahassee is bounded by Monroe Street, Tennessee Street and Capital Circle. This area is very accessible to Downtown Tallahassee, more so than the Northeast section of the city. The Star Metro bus system is easily accessible in this area, so public transportation is never an issue. TCC apartments in Northwest Tallahassee contain a variety of people from all different backgrounds.

Depending upon what industry you work in, this area also has many restaurants and shops that would be suitable for employment. Do you work in retail? The Tallahassee Mall is located here, along with several shopping centers. With seasonal hours, you could easily fit a retail job into your busy school schedule. Many stores offer later shopping hours during the holidays, so be sure to take advantage of extra hours and extra money if you can.

Southwest Tallahassee is also an option if you're searching for TCC apartments near places of employment. While it is a little further away from campus than the Northwest side, it borders the interstate system so you can get anywhere you need to go very conveniently. This is considered a prime location in the city, with FSU and FAMU campuses nearby. The biggest perk is being near Monroe Street, which is a mecca for jobs. Lined with shops, restaurants and other businesses, Monroe Street may be your first stop when job searching.

To begin your job search, try using the job search engine, indeed. All you have to do is type in your industry and/or skills, your location and search! This comprehensive list of employment opportunities is updated in real-time, so you will be notified of the latest job openings. You can even search for jobs in a specific zip code or area, so be sure to take advantage of that feature to find the best match. It won't be hard to narrow down some job options that best fit your lifestyle.

Working and going to school in Tallahassee can be a fun experience! It is a great, lively city with a lot of opportunity. Let RentTally help you further your career and education by helping you narrow down the best TCC apartments for you!

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