What is in walking distance to my FSU apartment?

On the hunt for off campus housing near FSU within walking distance to campus? You're in luck, the area near FSU has grown into a town of its own, which is great for students. With 40,000 students, understandably, developers are adding more and more every day to cater to the needs and wants of the college student living near campus.

The main roads going through and around the FSU campus are Tennessee St, West Pensacola St, and North Macomb St. These are the primary roads you will find restaurants, grocery stores, hair salons, nightclubs, and shops. This area near campus has everything from cheap eats to popular watering holes to live music decks and more.

Many of the off-campus FSU apartment complexes provide not just the practical needs for student life, but also resort-style amenities. Tanning beds, 24-hour fitness centers, resort-style pools with cabanas, movie theaters, even washer and dryer units in the rooms. Does it get any better? Use the Rent Tally search tool to find apartments with these amenities and then put in an address to find complexes within walking distance to FSU; you will be amazed at how many choices you have in these Tallahassee apartments.

FSU alone has enough to keep the college students busy. With a seating capacity of just over 84,000, Bobby Bowden Field at Doak S. Campbell Stadium is the hub of game day activity during football season. Tailgating is serious business in Tallahassee, the gridiron pastime festivities begin early in the day whether it's a morning, afternoon or evening game. If you love football, you will be here whenever the Noles are playing at home. If you're not a football fan, this is a great opportunity to go shopping in the malls with fewer crowds than normal, that's a little Tallahassee trick I've picked up over the years.

Also on-campus, the FSU Fine Arts Department offers something for everyone. The FSU School of Theatre and School of Dance present performances throughout that year that entertain and delight the senses. Ruby Diamond Concert Hall is a beautiful, newly-renovated performance hall that is the cultural heart of Tallahassee, not just FSU. Symphonies, concerts, and the Seven Days of Opening Nights Festival are just a sampling of the things you will find there.

While you are a student in Tallahassee, or even if you're not, you must go see the FSU Flying High Circus. You will be impressed at the acrobatic aerial performances that rival other professional circus shows. Even more impressive is that these talented college students sew their own costumes, rig all of their own equipment, and produce the lights and sound for the performances. The student performers even set up the Big Top Tent; you can't miss it across from Howser Baseball Stadium.

After all that fun, you are re-energized and ready to hit the books again. But after a few hours, you get a little stir crazy in your room. So where can you find a nice spot to keep studying within walking distance to your FSU apartment? A great feature of many complexes near campus is internet cafes, or computer labs to help you keep up with your homework and assignments. Beyond that, there are eight libraries on FSU's Tallahassee campus so you are sure to have one that is close by. And last but not least, there are lots of coffee shops with two of the most important ingredients for a power study session, free Wi-Fi and large amounts of caffeine.

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