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Ryann Ivester

A Florida girl at heart, Ryann was born in St. Petersburg and raised in Tallahassee.  Ryann and her husband lived in Brooklyn briefly in a tiny one bedroom studio that she loved.  You would be surprised what you can do when your kitchen consists of a hotplate and a microwave.  Then they went on to Michigan where Ryann earned her degree in Nursing.   After beginning a career in cardiac nursing, Ryann and her husband came back home to Florida. 

Whether you are a college student just starting out or a family needing more space, Ryann understands the needs of a living space change as our lives change. No matter the situation, everyone deserves to find a space that's "just right".

Like most Florida girls, Ryann loves to be at the beach, she says it's impossible to be stressed out at the beach.  Ryann enjoys having friends and family come to her house for good food, games and movies.  Ryann loves to cook and even makes her own chocolate!  She is excited to join the iLS Network team to help people find the right place to call home!