Any tips for getting along better with my FSU apartment roommates?

Move-in day at your new Florida State University apartment is such an exciting time for you and your roommates, but it does come with a few new challenges. Afterall, you're going to be sharing a kitchen, laundry room, and living room with a group of people you have just met, unless you choose a single bedroom apartment near FSU. Try these tips to help get you and your new roomies off to a good start in your apartment with roommate matching.

1. Ask questions
The Golden Rule doesn't always apply in roommate situations. How you want to be treated isn't necessarily the way your roommate wants to be treated. So ask them about their preferences and be honest about your expectations to understand where you may differ and what they hope living with you will be like

2. Decorate common spaces together
Don't immediately assume that because you love zebra tapestry and hot pink throw pillows your roommate will too. If your FSU apartment is furnished, you don't need to worry about large items such as couches and tables. However, buying and decorating with décor and artwork can be a great way to learn more about each other and bond! The common areas will be equally shared, so maybe save the life-size Justin Bieber cutout in your personal space.

3. Establish ground rules
This one is key to roomie bliss moving forward in your FSU apartment. Spend some time having a healthy discussion about your living habits and expectations. Will you take turns cooking and doing dishes? Should there be a rotation system for cleaning the bathrooms in your 4-bedroom apartment, or is it every man for himself? Talking this all out will help curb possible disagreements in the future as well as make you aware of what to expect from each of your roommates' living habits. If you think it will be necessary, consider writing up a Roommate Contract to refer to if issues arise.

4. Discuss guests early on
Part of your ground rules should also include an agreed guest policy. You may feel like having friends from your classes at Florida State University come to your home is a personal decision, but your student apartment is a shared space, so discuss guests early on and then always give the roommates a heads up when people are coming over in order to be courteous. Also, it'll avoid the awkward, unexpected 2am run-in at the fridge with your roommates boyfriend. Yikes!

5. Keep it clean
When in doubt, clean it out. When you establish ground rules, you'll probably discuss how clean you are and how clean you prefer your FSU apartment to be. But when it comes to common spaces, cleaning up your personal items and maintaining general cleanliness shows a lot of respect. Not everyone has the same definition of "clean," but going that extra mile will always be appreciated by your roommate!

6. Talk it out
Honesty is always the best policy, and if something is bothering you, or you worry something might be bothering your roomie, bring it up! No need to let something like unlabeled containers in the apartment's refrigerator turn into a bigger problem than it needs to be. Always assume your roommate isn't able to read your mind and talk about things that are troubling you.

7. Create a shared calendar
Make a shared calendar and include all important dates like when rent and other shared bills are due as well as when trash pickup is. This way you avoid misunderstandings about when bills are due. Also toss some fun personal dates such as birthdays and vacations on the calendar!

8. Respect your roomie
Compromise and respect go a long way in roommate relationships. Don't let rude roommates walk all over you, but also don't expect for them to do all the compromising. In the end, general respect for their wishes and compromising when the roommates are divided on an issue will lead to a successful and happy living experience!

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