I enjoy keeping a garden and love a beautiful green space. What are some of my amenity options when looking for a Florida State University apartment?

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Garden style apartments at Torchlight Townhomes offer lots of green space. Perfect for basking in the summer sun or having a spring picnic!

Living in the capital city doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your green space. Tallahassee is filled with public green spaces, such as parks and hiking trails. There isn't anything quite like having your own green space right outside your door. With these FSU apartment amenities you can enjoy the beautiful city of Tallahassee and still get to enjoy mother nature.

Garden Style Apartments

A garden style apartment community consists of low rise buildings that are surrounded by lawns, trees, shrubbery or gardens. From your FSU apartment, you will have access to all these green spaces right outside your door. Most of the garden style communities are centered around a courtyard. This communal area is great for taking in the fresh air or getting to know your neighbors. On nice sunny days, the lawn area is the perfect place to lay down a blanket and bask in the sun or dive into a good book. If your community has grills, invite family and friends over for a BBQ. There are many advantages to living in a garden style apartment in Tallahassee. Since almost all the buildings are single story, it makes moving and hauling in groceries a breeze. Who wants to climb five flights of stairs to get home? Another perk is all the natural lighting that comes in. With all the light that comes in you won't need many lamps or extra lighting, which can help save on the electric bill!

Apartments with Patios and Balconies

Florida State University apartments have a wide variety of patios and balconies. They come in all shapes and sizes, screened and unscreened. First thing you need to decide on is what floor you wish to live on. First floor apartments might have a patio larger in size and sometimes get a bonus area that is fenced in. A patio or balcony is a great way to take in a breath of fresh air. Perfect for enjoying a warm summer day or a cool winter evening. Probably the biggest perk of having an outdoor space such as a patio or balcony is you can use the space to make a personal garden! If you like to cook, a personal garden is a great place to grow fresh herbs such as basil, thyme or rosemary. You can even grow certain plants that attract butterflies! Make sure you do your research to see which plants are best suited for Tallahassee weather. Need some more ideas? Check out this article!

Green Apartments

Green apartments aren't actually the color green, but are energy efficient. You can create your own green space within your FSU apartment and at the same time help keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Many of these apartments come with programmable thermostats. Using this feature you can adjust the air conditioning so it is not running when no one is in the apartment. You will be helping the environment and helping your wallet by saving some money on your electric bill. Lots of windows in your apartment means lots of extra heat. Be sure to invest in curtains that help to block the heat from coming into your apartment. If your apartment community offers recycling, be sure to take full advantage!

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