I am considering a relocation to Tallahassee. When should I start looking for a new Tallahassee apartment?

Not giving yourself enough time to find an apartment can only add to the stress of finding a new place to live. If you are just leaving the nest, so to speak, time might not necessarily be an issue. Relocating due to other circumstances, whether it be a new job opportunity or a masters program at one of Tallahassee's colleges, then time might not be on your side. Making sure you allow yourself enough time to find an apartment that best suits you is one of the most important things. Let's face it, no one wants to just settle for a place simply because you ran out of time.


Start researching Tallahassee apartments several months before your lease is up. When picking a new place to live, there are many things to take into consideration. How much space will you need? Does a studio suit your needs or will you need something with more space and more rooms? Which neighborhoods are safe and close to your new job or school? If you are relocating for work you might want to consider non-student apartments. Quiet apartments are great for graduate students who have a lot of studying to get done. Don't let all of these options and questions get in the way of the most important one: what is your budget? It's important to choose an apartment that you can afford with your utilities and extra bills and still be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Refine Your Options

Sometimes having too many options can make deciding a difficult task. About 40 to 60 days before your current lease is up, start to narrow down what it is exactly that you are looking for. Once you have a basic idea you can start looking into the amenities that Tallahassee apartments have to offer. If you don't have a car or other way to get around town, look for apartments that are close to public transportation. Love going to the gym? Many apartment communities have fitness centers that have top of the line equipment for residents to use at no extra cost! All-inclusive apartments are also something to consider. Your rent and all of your utilities are lumped into one monthly payment. Make sure to do your research to see if this is the right fit for you and your budget. Once you have it down to two or three choices, pick up the phone and start setting up tours to visit the communities. The more questions you ask, the better. Nobody likes last minute surprises when moving into a new place.

Final Steps

After exploring all your options and taking tours of your top picks, it's time to choose! The last few steps almost seem the easiest. The next thing to do is submit your apartment application. This usually involves a one time application fee, credit check, background check and sometimes references. Once submitted it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to complete. Being approved can only mean one thing! Time to start packing! Two weeks out from your move in date, start packing and making moving arrangements. Collect any boxes you can, this will help save some money. If you have a bunch of big bulky furniture, you might want to consider hiring a moving company or rounding up a group of friends to help. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted clothes, furniture or any other items that have been collecting dust. For other tips and tricks on moving, check out this article!

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