What are the best places to go thrifting near my Tallahassee apartment?

Even in the cheapest Tallahassee apartments, the budget of a typical college student means that there is little room for superfluous spending. Many find themselves budgeting for the first time, and it's hard enough to keep track of rent payments, groceries, and utility bills all at once, much less setting aside spending money. These factors may be why thrifting has become so popular among students.

Thrifting has many benefits, and not just for the shoppers; recycling used clothes helps to cut down on the vast amounts of waste that fast fashion produces. As well as this, not only do used clothes sell for a discount, but the retro styles often found at thrift stores allow the more creative shoppers to fashion themselves unique outfits and styles completely their own. You may not always strike gold at a thrift store, but when you do, it's like magic. The trick is to look past the dusty racks of ancient fabric to see the potential in each article of clothing. In this article I'll be listing my top picks for places you can go thrifting near apartments in Tallahassee.

Find Your Nearby Goodwill

Goodwill is the poster child of thrifting. With over 359 locations in Florida, it's likely that if you've lived in Florida, you've been to a Goodwill. There are numerous outlet locations near Tallahassee apartments, as well as bins where you can search through rejected items for an increased discount. Many of the locations are even within walking distance. For example, The Social is only 0.3 miles from the nearest Goodwill, which is a six-minute walk. Another location is just a six-minute drive from Doak Campbell Stadium. With so many locations around Tallahassee, Goodwill is the most accessible thrifting stop for students living in apartments in Tallahassee.

Not only can you thrift at Goodwill, but you can also donate old clothes of your own, as well as other items. All donations go towards the cause of helping create jobs, supporting youth programs, and other services in the community.

Independent Thrift Stores Near Your Tallahassee Apartment

If you're looking for a more mom-and-pop style store to do your thrifting, Tallahassee has many options for you. Railroad Square contains several thrifting locations, most notable being Savvy Salvage Thrift, a local black-owned small business selling vintage clothing and items at an affordable price. There's also City Walk Urban Mission on Monroe Street, where all clothes, shoes and purses are 50% off on Wednesdays, and Good Samaritan Super Thrift Store, which is just five miles from Miccosukee Apartments.

FSU Thrift Club

Don't want to shop alone? FSU has a thrift club for students who share an affinity for secondhand shopping! They hold bi-weekly meetings and organize group outings about once a month to various thrift shops and estate sales. They also organize Thrift Swaps, events where students can trade out their own used clothing items for others, and they teach students how to sell their own used clothing through various methods. If you're a student at Florida State University and you're enthusiastic about thrifting, I highly encourage you to get involved with the Thrift Club on campus.

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