What are the benefits of living on the third floor of Tallahassee apartments?

There are so many factors to think about when looking for apartments in Tallahassee, it's easy for students to get overwhelmed with choices. However, when you finally find an inexpensive apartment that looks right for you, your work isn't over yet. You still must decide which floor to live on! There will always be pros and cons no matter what floor you choose, but this article will detail why the third floor should be your floor of choice so you can finalize your leasing contract without worry.

Strategic Utilities

In Florida, keeping your apartment cool in the summer and warm in the winter can put stress on your utility bill. With a little understanding of thermodynamics, you can manage that stress. Apartment rooms located on the outsides of the building will have a higher fluctuation in temperature due to their exposure to the elements, while rooms located in the middle of the building enjoy the extra insulation provided by the rooms on either side. This logic extends to the rooms above and below as well, meaning that a room in the center of the building generally has to use less air conditioning to stay at an ideal temperature. In many Tallahassee apartments, the third floor is the middle floor, making it the ideal floor for strategic utility usage.

Enjoy the View From Tallahassee Apartmetns

Being higher off the ground also means that your third-floor apartment will likely boast a nice view. Your windows won't be as obstructed by nearby trees or buildings as windows on the first or second floor. As well as this, some apartments in Tallahassee have balconies that you can utilize for some extra space, keeping plants, letting your pets out into the fresh air, or hanging out to enjoy the fresh air yourself. It's worth mentioning that another benefit that the third floor has over higher floors is that you'll have a nice view while still being relatively close to the ground. This means that if an emergency or accident occurs, however unlikely that may be, the fall from your window or balcony is much safer. I know I'd rather fall from a third floor window than a sixth floor window. Find more information about safely using windows as an emergency exit.

Protection from Pests

Last but not least, the extra height offered by living on a higher floor means that it takes more effort for pests to reach your room. If your apartment complex does end up suffering from pests like ants, roaches, or rats, you have a buffer between yourself and their entry point on the first floor. The ground floor would have the biggest problem with pests, as garbage disposal areas are located on that floor. Pests go for the highest reward with the least amount of effort, so it may even be that they never find their way up the two floors it would take to reach your room. In any case, your neighbors on the lower floor will have more time to warn you before the pests spread all the way up to the first floor.
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