How to celebrate the holidays at my Tallahassee Community College apartment with roommates?

As the holiday season is upon us and we see fun new decorations in every store, you may catch yourself wondering how to celebrate the holiday at your new apartment near TCC. We compiled a fun list that we hope inspires you and your roommates this season!


Whether you have known your roommates before moving in together or met them through your apartment's roommate matching, the most important thing during any holiday is to discuss the holiday with them. It is essential to share your own traditions that you had growing up and learn about your roommate's traditions or holidays they celebrate. This ensures that no feelings will be hurt before you start decorating. It is also fun to learn and grow as you may pick up new traditions along the way through your roommates.


It is important to discuss with your roommates what type of decorations you would like to include in your Tallahassee Community College apartment and how much. Do they prefer a simple decoration on the door and for the inside to remain untouched? Or are they ok with decorations inside? Each roommate can contribute something of their own from home or they can purchase something they really would like to include in the apartment.


For most students in Tallahassee, the holiday season means traveling home to see their family and friends, so you may decide not to include a Christmas tree or that may be a fun tradition to start together. Tallahassee has a few Christmas tree farms you could visit to find a tree and this also provides for a fun outing together as roommates.


Once the apartment is decorated, it may be fun to host a holiday party, especially if everyone is headed home for the holidays. Consider including a nice dinner, hot chocolate bar, a small gift exchange and invite a few close friends. Make sure everyone is on board with a holiday party or you could rent the clubhouse at your apartment if some roommates would like to skip out on the festivities.


The holiday season is a great time to get out and explore the Tallahassee area. Head north to Thomasville, Georgia to watch The Nutcracker presented by the South Georgia Ballet or one of these winter events listed and featured by the City of Tallahassee.


Gifts don't need to be expensive or perhaps they can be homemade. A nice card during the holiday season to remind your roommates that you are thinking of them may help bring peace for the rest of the year. If you like to bake, perhaps some cookies for all to enjoy.

Just because you are away from home for the holidays doesn't mean you can't bring some of your holiday traditions to your Tallahassee Community College off-campus housing! Even if you plan to go home to visit family and friends, there are many ways to celebrate around Tallahassee as you finish up classes this semester. Plus, these are fun ways to get to know your roommates more and build lasting friendships. Happy Holidays!

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