What are the benefits of having utilities in my TCC apartment included versus having to set them up separately?

TCC apartments are a great place to live and thrive both mentally and financially. Having your utilities set up to be included in your monthly rent in your TCC apartment can be beneficial to you in many ways. However, it is important to remember that many apartment communities will put a "cap" on your utility services. Meaning they expect you to stay within a certain amount of utility usage each month. If you go over you either have to pay the difference or will be charged a fee for going over. So make sure before you sign your lease that you're clear on the limits of your utilities included in your rent. Some of the utilities you might find included in your TCC apartment rent include; electricity, water, trash removal, and some added extras like TV and internet access.

One of the largest benefits of living in a TCC apartment with utilities included in your monthly rent is the convenience. Having to keep up with numerous different bills each month can be quite a hassle; especially if you are a busy TCC student or spend most of your days working. Instead of having to respond and pay each bill that's delivered to you each month, you can have reap the benefits of only having to pay one. Let's face it, some days we are so busy we don't even remember to check the mail, let alone respond to each piece of mail we get. Having your utilities bundled with your monthly rent can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to getting your bills paid on time and in full.

Having utilities included in your TCC apartment can also help you budget quite a bit. When you have to balance five or more bills each month the idea of creating a budget can seem daunting. However, when all of your utilities are included in your monthly rent it saves you a lot of time and energy when it comes time to create your budget. Unless you go over your "cap" on certain services you will be paying the same amount each month every time you pay your rent so you can know the exact amount to budget for. Although you should always budget for a little extra just in case you do go over those "caps."

If you live with roommates in your TCC apartment it can save a lot of time and hassle that would have been spent arguing over who used more electricity or who took a longer shower last Tuesday. When there's a set amount to pay each month it can save you and your roommate from a lot of stress.

TCC apartments can be the perfect place for "bundled" living. While all things in life offer both positives and negatives having your utilities included in your monthly rent definitely offers more benefits than it does negatives when it comes to TCC apartment renting.

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