I'm nervous about making a 12-month commitment for my new FAMU apartment, what is the down side to signing a long term lease?

With anything in life there are plusses and negatives. So when it comes to signing a lease for you FAMU apartment you'll find that there are some negatives to signing a 12-month commitment or lease. However, if it is nerves that are getting to you my first suggestion is that you take control of the situation. Once you become knowledgeable about all of the terms of your lease you should feel as though you have more control in the situation and may end up feeling a little less nervous when it comes to signing a 12-month commitment.

12-month commitments or leases certainly aren't for everyone. Many people renting FAMU apartments are first time renters and are freshmen or sophomores in college looking for a place in the FAMU area to call home even if they aren't quite familiar with the area and that's where your problems can start. Many people jump into leases with 12-month commitments without batting an eyelash. However, this can go seriously awry if you are not familiar with the area. You might come to find out that you're living in an area where people like to party quite a bit while you're trying to be studious. Or you might enjoy the commute to your job or campus. There are numerous things that can go wrong when it comes to an area you're unfamiliar with so signing a 12-month commitment could be quite unwise if you are not sure of the area. Should you decide you hate the area you are living in and want to get out it can be quite a hassle to do so if you are locked in to a 12-month commitment.

Breaking a lease or a 12-month commitment in your FAMU apartment can have quite a few negative effects. So if you're unsure about the area you're living in I don't advise signing an agreement for quite that long. Should you sign it and then decide to break it you can be stuck paying some hefty penalty fees or even end up having to pay for you FAMU apartment for the duration of your agreement, even if you aren't living there anymore.

If you are a FAMU student living in the area it can be unwise to sign a 12-month commitment or lease. Think ahead of time, do you plan on going home for the holidays or summer break? If so it seems kind of silly to pay for an apartment you won't be spending any time in. With a shorter lease in your FAMU apartment you might find it much easier to head home and spend time with your family as you please; without having to regret spending money on an apartment you're not at 24/7.

Signing a 12-month agreement in your FAMU apartment can offer some positives; however, it can offer quite a few negatives as well. So just keep in mind all of the negatives that come with a 12-month commitment or lease before you sign anything!

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