What are some tips for getting along with my roommates in my TCC apartment?

A roommate dynamic can make or break your living experience in your TCC off campus housing community. To make sure you and your roommates end up with a good roommate dynamic there are some steps you should take from day one in your TCC apartment. Whether you and your roommates are strangers or best friends who are attending TCC together, the same rules usually apply in creating a good roommate dynamic.

Your TCC apartment should be a place you can come home to each day and relax. That's almost impossible to do if you have angry roommates breathing down your neck, it's also impossible to do if your roommates are driving you up the wall. One of the first things you and your roommates need to do when moving into your TCC apartment is to each come up with a list of rules you'd like everyone in the apartment to follow. Things on the list might include no smoking, asking when company comes over, cleaning your dishes as soon as you're done eating, etc. Once you've each come up with a list, sit down and discuss your rules. Some rules may end up getting thrown out and some may end up getting changed a little. It's all a part of the process. But the more open you and your TCC apartment roommates are with each other from the start the happier you'll be in the long run.

Another vital key to keeping your TCC apartment roommate dynamic on the positive side is being open with each other. Don't be afraid to speak your mind if one of your roommates does something you disapprove of. However don't do it in a hurtful or mean way. Simply state your feelings and open up a discussion about it. Make sure you encourage your roommates to do the same with you if you're doing something they don't like in your TCC apartment.

You may want to compile a list of duties that each roommate takes care of in your TCC apartment. Create a schedule for who takes the trash out, who does things like mopping the floors, or vacuuming the floors. If you all share in the responsibilities equally in your TCC apartment then it's highly likely that you'll end up being much happier with each other in the long run.

Always be courteous of your roommates in your TCC apartment. If you're courteous to them when they need it, then chances are they'll be courteous to you when you need it. For example if they're studying for a big test, or writing a paper don't invite hoards of friends over to drink and party that night. Instead consider going out, or having a quiet night in doing homework of your own or cozying up on the couch and watching a movie. If your roommate is sick offer to make them soup, or pick them up some medicine from the store. A little sympathy and concern can go a long way to improve a roommate dynamic.

Living with roommates in your TCC apartment doesn't have to be a hassle. It can be a beautiful thing and you and your TCC roommates may end up growing and developing deep bonds of friendship together just by following a few simple steps.

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