How can I can decorate my balcony?

A vast majority of Tallahassee apartments come with a balcony or patio, whether you are on the first or third floor. Some have some furniture while others may have a grill, either way a lot of people don't put any real effort into making the balcony truly a part of their new home. A balcony can be more than just a place to set a weather resistant chair, and should be more of you are willing to put in a little work and creativity.

Throughout all of the apartments in Tallahassee, balconies can vary. Particularly they can vary in size and exposure. Some balconies are thin and long while others are large and rectangular; some are also screened into to protect against bugs and rain. Screened in balconies give you an advantage, because it protects a large majority of the area from getting wet. This doesn't mean that other balconies can't be decorated, just that you might be a little more limited in what you can use.

The first and most obvious step of decorating your balcony is furniture. What furniture you pick will definitely depend on the size of your porch, as well as the exposure it may have to rain. The furniture you place on your porch will also vary heavily on your personal preference, so I can't really make recommendations in this area. If you have enough room however, a hammock, mini fridge, and plants are always a good idea. Some people even put a TV on their balcony, if there is enough protection from rain.

Now let's look at the actual act of decorating, creating an atmosphere on your balcony that will fit your needs and lifestyle. Again, this will largely be based on the size and exposure of your balcony, as well as your preference; but, there are some good ideas that I have seen from other Tallahassee apartments over the years that may help get your ideas going. Let's take a look at a few.

Let's start with the floor of the balcony. There isn't too much you can do here, but I have seen some interesting ideas. Some residents like to decorate their balcony floor with a mat. You can either put a doormat by the porch door, or you can go a little bigger and get a larger mat to cover more of the floor. You may want to look into something like a bamboo mat, or something else that won't have issues if it is rained on.

Now for the sides of the balcony, which will mostly consist of a little wall space and possibly screens. A lot of people like to decorate the sides of a balcony with artwork such as paintings or metallic sculptures. The real important thing to note here is the screens. Depending on where your apartment is located in the complex, you may not have a lot of privacy on your balcony. If privacy is important to you, go online and take a look at some different curtain and shade options you may want to use.

As for the ceiling, some residents like to decorate with removable stickers, like glow in the dark starts. Other people like to line the ceiling with stringed lights, to provide a lower illuminated environment. If you have a fan, there are ways to decorate that also if you are willing to get creative enough. You can also hang things from the ceiling such as a wind chime or a disco ball.

If you decide to move into one of the Tallahassee apartments that has a balcony, make sure to include it in your decorations. Take advantage and make it your own personal outside space. There are lots of other ideas and things that you can do, so make sure to keep looking for some inspiration.

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