Do you have any organization tips for small apartments in Tallahassee?

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Spacious Tallahassee apartments might not always be in your budget or you might be into a cozier, smaller space where extra room isn't a priority. The ever-popular minimalist trend isn't for everyone, and if you're like me, you're a borderline hoarder of knick-knacks and items you'll "use eventually" or "might need one rainy day". If you're looking into one bedroom or studio apartments in Tallahassee but have a lot of extra stuff, finding a property that offers storage space might be a good solution. If you plan on purging before the big moving day, kudos on the willpower! If you can't seem to part with your belongings but can't afford to pay for extra monthly storage, below are some helpful articles on small-space organization and solutions that might fit your budget and lifestyle:

Small Space Organization Tips for Your Tallahassee Apartment

  • HGTV's 15 Smart Tips for Organizing Small Apartments (with pictures) points out that you can maximize the space by combining open shelves and closed cabinets based on the items you access daily or rarely. Using every square inch is crucial, like the back of doors to hang pictures or bags or coats. Keeping cords and messy items tucked away gives the apartment a spacious feel since the lack of clutter provides a clean and boundless feeling around the unit. Expandable furniture like dining tables, foldable desks or pull out couches are other great ways to utilize your space but only when you need to.

  • Buzzfeed recommends useful things that will actually organize your tiny apartment in addition to saving space. My favorite tips were multiple ways to use over-the-door organizers, as a pantry or shoes organization, and adding shelves into corners for plants and lamps. The space above the door is super underrated and can be used as a library for all of your books. Peg boards are great for hanging cups and cooking utensils and shelf expanders allow you to add more plates and cups to each cupboard. Magnets and rolling racks are also great for using the space under the shelf, which we tend to ignore and rolling racks with baskets are amazing for fruit, dry foods and extra napkins/dish towels keep things tucked away and organized.

  • The Container Store is a great place to get started! You can find just about any type of organization advice and container to fit your layout and routine. Eight of their top tips for small space organization gets you thinking about what you need to store and what you need to access regularly before deciding how to store or organize your essentials.

    • Under-bed storage is great for out-of-season clothing or guest sheets

    • Shelves in closets make a world of a difference since hangers and hanging-space is limited

    • Over-the-door baskets and hangers in the kitchen and bathroom allows you to keep all your spices and beauty products without them cluttering up your limited counter space

In summary, use up all that great wall space and add some shelves for more storage/display opportunities and a decorative pop! Don't feel like corners, areas under the shelves and above doors are dead space because magnets and hooks can easily fix that. Grab some great containers to stow away extra bed sheets and seasonal clothes. Shoes can be hung on pegs, displayed on shelves, or tucked away in a cubicle or hanging cabinet. There are ways to have all of your favorite things in life but still live comfortably in a small but spacious apartment.

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