I am not a student. What are the benefits of living in Tallahassee apartments with a high student population?

Tallahassee is known far and wide for being a lively college town. TCC, FSU, and FAMU get to share an entire area of town that's actually called CollegeTown! However, aside from the bustling areas near our colleges, there are thousands of reasons to move to our state's capital! You could certainly avoid the student scene and search for non-student apartments in Tallahassee. However, if you're up for an adventure, but are worried about moving into a predominantly student complex, let me tell you why that's actually an exciting opportunity!

Student apartments in Tallahassee offer top-notch amenities and apartment features. You'll find perks like 24-hour fitness centers, true resort-style pools, and dog parks peppered throughout the community for your enjoyment. Inside the apartments, it is common to see luxury features like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets. Additionally, student apartments most commonly offer a private bathroom for every resident, so you'll likely have an extra bathroom or two in your new apartment.

It's no secret that college students are, in general, a loud and lively bunch. That can certainly raise a few concerns when moving into a new apartment, which is stressful to begin with. However, I invite you to think of it this way: if the apartment complex you are moving into is full of college kids, there's always a new friend to make. If you are renting a studio apartment and are afraid of getting lonely, simply taking a walk around the community will probably bring you a new pal! Whether you're trying to get a pump on at the fitness center, or want to get tan by the pool, odds are you will run into someone who wants to make a new friend too! I can't tell you how many relationships I've started just from seeing someone in the parking lot or playing ping-pong in the clubhouse.

The fact of the matter is, you'll find anything you're looking for in your Tallahassee apartment if you simply go after it. If you want some peace and quiet, you can find it at home! While the parking lot and clubhouse might be bustling, you'll find that, especially during the day, college kids are out and about! Most of them really don't spend too much time at home, due to either studying, going out, or going to class. Even if people are playing music at the pool on the weekend, you can find a quiet place in either your bedroom or in our city's nature parks!

Another thing I can tell you about Tallahassee college students is they are probably some of the most giving and creative people on Earth; they go above and beyond letting you borrow sugar from a neighbor. If you met a new friend and decided you guys wanted to dine on a budget, I guarantee you could make an event out of it. Invite the neighbors! Use a community grill or dining area and meet some new people! The great thing about a college town like Tallahassee is our incredibly diverse student body; young people travel from all over the world to attend our schools, so there's never a lull in the conversation!

The perks to living in a Tallahassee apartment are endless, and even more upsides are made available when you live in a complex full of students. Living in a complex primarily filled with students offers opportunities you barely even have to go outside for. There's always something to do, always people to meet, and always the option of finding a quiet place to chill out!

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