I am moving into a Tallahassee apartment. What are the best sockless shoes for this city?

Thousands of shoes travel around Tallahassee every day, and although most of them are attached to socks, folks like you and I like to free our feet as often as we can. Especially in such a sweaty climate, a proven way to thrive is by finding opportunities to skip the socks. But which sockless shoe will get you to-and-fro from your Tallahassee apartment to work, school, or both the longest? Let me give you some insight.


Boat shoes are usually a safe choice for Florida, but our state capital is far from the coast. Here in Tally, we have a bit of a rough terrain. Like every city, our concrete sidewalks often have cracks, pebbles, and who knows what else. Sperry shoes are far from a dime a dozen, and the only shoes on this list you could get away with in church. Tallahassee's terrain only tears them up, hurting your heels and your wallet.


Crocs, on the other hand, require far less maintenance and offer noticeably more heel support. The strap on the back (sport mode) makes them exponentially more useful for walking around town. However, downhill slopes are their kryptonite. Even on some of our smaller hills, Crocs that have gotten some use will be more like mini sleds (or water skis, weather permitting). If you keep an eye on the grip under your shoe, you should have no problem navigating Tally's hills and valleys.


So far, Crocs wear the crown. But what about Chacos? Another outdoor favorite, Chacos offer fantastic foot support and will take you ten times the distance. However, through a stylistic lens, the toe strap is terrifying. I have never owned a pair of Chacos myself, but I worked at a summer camp for five summers, so I'm kind of grandfathered in. In my time, I've heard many complaints about the toe strap being too limiting, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on walking to class. We all trip over cracks in the sidewalk from time to time; can you imagine doing that with a trapped big toe?


Birkenstocks and similar sandals offer an attractive counter with their thick, sturdy straps resting comfortably on the bridge of your foot. While still subject to the usual dangers that come with open toes, it is nearly impossible for Birks to slide off unexpectedly. The perk of Birks is that they're sturdier, but this comes at a price; sand and pebbles are more easily trapped inside. If your apartment has an elevator, you're not in too much trouble, but those who have to take the stairs will have a bad time trying to shake something out on the climb.

Flip flops didn't make the cut simply because they're a no-go; if you don't plan on spending every weekend by your apartment's swimming pool, you're just not going to use them. However, based on this analysis, Crocs take the cake. Before moving to a new apartment in Tallahassee, there are a few different shoes you should buy, but if you love the outdoors more than you love socks, Crocs are the kicks for you.

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