Where do most of the freshman live?

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Many freshmen at FSU live at Player's Club.

Tallahassee is the dimension of collegiate affairs. From lower to upper class, the majority of Tallahassee residents are college students. Aside from the obvious that there are two state universities in the city of Tallahassee, the surrounding areas of the town are practically catered to college students.

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Within the town of Tally and Leon County, the majority of Florida State students populate in one distinctive district, the Southwest neighborhood of Tallahassee. Not too far from downtown, Florida State University, FAMU and TCC all reside in this close-knit region.

Although some freshmen do tend to reside in the dorms within the FSU campus, the majorities prefer to live in FSU apartments not too far from the University. Many freshmen actually end up living in apartments near FSU on Pensacola and Tennessee streets.

These two streets are probably the most popular areas to live in when it comes to student preference. Although the streets are crowded with FSU apartments, the area is also surrounded with convenience. Just across the street from the student area is a Publix, handfuls of take out restaurants, fast foods and dozens of bars.

Now, I am sure you are wondering, "but where do the freshman predominately live?" Well, this question is not the easiest to answer. Students in the Tallahassee area are well dispersed throughout the campus community. As a result of being new to the city, many freshman students do tend to settle in an apartment community that is closest to campus. As you tend to grow more accustomed to the area, upperclassman tends to travel outside of the campus location, settling in areas such as Midtown, downtown, or in the Northwest district.

Freshman at Florida State also prefer the convenience of living within walking distance to the University as well as receiving a student-friendly rent amount. Keep in mind that the further you go from Florida State University, the higher the prices tend to fluctuate.

Even if you do not decide to live on either Pensacola or Tennessee Streets, it will not be a difficult task to meet new classmates, friends and co-workers in the area, as most residents in the Southwest district tend to be heavily extroverted and friendly.

In general, most freshmen at FSU rent student housing units on Pensacola and Tennessee Streets. Although some students prefer to live in the dorms, most freshmen decide to live in apartments near FSU.

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