Any tips for spring cleaning my Tallahassee apartment?

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Use our spring cleaning tips in your spacious bedroom at your Tally Square apartment.

As we get closer to the first day of spring, which is technically March 20, many of us Floridians start looking forward to the Spring season. As we get closer to that date many of us start thinking about spring cleaning and you may be wondering what spring cleaning you can do at your apartment in Tallahassee. Although we may not experience the typical winters including snow like the rest of the country, we do experience changes in seasons here in Tallahassee and many of us look forward to the spring flowers and bright green colors in our landscapes again. These changes call us to brighten up our space and include a good cleaning. Whether you live in a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment, let's start with your main space, your personal bedroom.


Your bed is key to a good night's sleep and whether you are a student or working professional we all know how important sleep is. Your bed is your largest piece of furniture in your Tallahassee apartment bedroom and the perfect place to start. Some ideas for cleaning your bed include dusting your bedframe, vacuuming and rotating your mattress, laundering the mattress pad along with the bed skirt and bedding. If you want to deep clean your bedding look into laundry stripping, a process that includes three simple ingredients that can be done at home to your bed linens and towels. Mind-blowing!

Dresser & Other Furniture

It is always a good idea to dust and polish all your bedroom furniture including your dresser, nightstand, desk, or bookshelves. This may also be a good time to pull out all your items and see if there is anything you no longer need and can donate to a local organization for those in need like Goodwill. This includes clothes, books, makeup, and other personal items. You can always try the KonMari Method™, if the item doesn't spark joy it is time to get rid of it. Don't forget to dust or wipe down your light fixtures, ceiling fans, or lamps!



Now that we've taken care of the furniture let's move on to the apartment walls. A damp Microfiber cloth is perfect to wipe down the walls. You'll be amazed at the difference once wiped down. If you notice a lot of dust a vacuum may help and then continue to wipe with the cloth. A cleaner may be needed for stubborn spots. Just be sure to test a small spot on your wall before wiping down the entire area, as apartments in Tallahassee use different types of paint finishes and you'll want to make sure that a wet rag does not leave a stain or discoloration. Disinfecting wipes are good to wipe down light switches and other high-touch areas.



This is a good time to move the furniture and vacuum your room including those hard-to-reach areas. Make sure to get the corners and why you are there take your cloth that you wiped the walls and wipe down the baseboards.



Spring brings longer days and clean windows let in that beautiful sunshine that Florida and Tallahassee are known for. Launder any window treatments, wipe down the blinds, wipe down the windows including the window tracks. Vinegar and water make a great window cleaner and a very inexpensive option.


We hope these tips for spring cleaning your Tallahassee apartment bedroom help motivate you as we approach the spring season. Your bedroom is your retreat and if you can't deep clean your whole apartment in Tallahassee then just concentrate your efforts on your bedroom.

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