What are the benefits to signing a short term lease for FAMU apartments?

Sometimes in life, there are certain situations that may lead us to search for short-term apartments near FAMU rather than a long-term lease. A short-term lease is typically a lease length of six months or less. Many popular short-term lease terms include six months, three months and month-to-month. If you believe you are in a situation that calls for a short-term lease, you will want to weigh the pros and cons before putting ink to paper.

Benefits of signing a short-term lease at FAMU apartments

Most likely the biggest pro of signing a short-term lease at apartments near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is the flexibility it provides. Various opportunities and circumstances may arise in your life, whether that is for school, work, family or travel. Signing a short-term lease will help you remain super flexible in any situation. Maybe you found your dream apartments near FAMU but there is a waitlist of a couple of months to get in – however, you will still need somewhere to live in the meantime. This is an opportunity for a short-term lease. You can live month-to-month while you wait on your new place to become available. This is also helpful if you decide to build or buy a house, and you're either waiting on completion or for your paperwork to close. Signing a long-term lease can almost make you feel trapped if you know you have an opportunity coming up before your year lease is over. Many residents may also opt to sign a short-term lease if they are new to the city for either work or school. Maybe you want to test out your current neighborhood first before signing a year-long lease. Maybe you know you want to move to a different part of the city. Either of these circumstances calls for a short-term lease. You may also want to look into a corporate unit, if your community has them.

Drawbacks of signing a short-term lease at apartments near FAMU

While there are benefits to short-term leases in FAMU apartments, there are some drawbacks that you may need to be aware of.  One of the biggest cons is that a short-term lease is typically more expensive per month than a long-term lease. If you continually renew your short-term lease, you will end up paying much more in the long run rather than just signing a year-long lease. The reason why communities charge more for the short-term lease is because it costs more money to turn and advertise the open apartment for the next tenant. They may also run into the issue of not being able to lease it right away, so it could potentially remain unoccupied for a few months after you move out. This means the community is losing money. If this is a concern of yours, but you are still interested in only living somewhere for a short while, think about the option of signing a year-long lease with the option to sublease or relet your unit. You will need to check with your office on the policies and procedures of this, but many communities will allow you to move out if another qualified renter is in place to take over with no gaps in their monthly rent payment. If you feel confident that someone else will want to take over your apartment near FAMU once you decide to move, this could be an attractive option that will save you some money in the long run. 

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