How do I maintain and look after my car in TCC apartments?

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When looking for Tallahassee Community College apartments, some residents may prioritize communities that offer excellent facilities and amenities for resident cars. Some TCC apartments offer private car garages, while other apartments have designated parking spots for residents in general, and sometimes specific to each unit. Depending on your personal preferences and the number of cars you own, there are a few things to consider when taking care of your car in TCC apartments.

What are some common amenities for resident cars in TCC apartments?

Renting an apartment does not always mean missing out on having a garage. Private car garages can be great feature for residents who want extra protection and a special space to keep their car. This offers protection from bad weather, including hot Florida sun, as well as any other accidents that might occur in the neighborhood. If you own a unique car that you only take on occasional drives, this is the perfect solution while renting an apartment near TCC. Private car garages can also provide additional storage space. Many luxury apartments near TCC include this amenity.

If you prefer to detail and pamper your car often, consider TCC apartments with car wash centers within the community. This can save you the time and effort of driving your car to another facility, especially if want to touch up a few spots on a regular basis. If there are specific features you are looking for, contact the leasing office to request more information about the types of car wash centers.

What are some good practices for maintaining my car in TCC apartments?

Keeping up with regular, professional maintenance on your car is the most important thing for staying safe and lengthening the life of your car. However, there are many other things you can do on your own to keep your car in excellent shape. Below are a few ways to look after your car after the move.

  • Trash and other items: If you want a fresh-smelling, bug-free car, getting rid of your trash and other perishable items is mandatory. It is best to avoid eating in your car if you are very worried about accidental spills and stains. However, you can still eat food carefully by laying down napkins and throwing everything away immediately. Even empty bags and used napkins can attract bugs, like ants, that may be difficult to get rid of later. Never leave paper cups with drinks in the cup holder or you'll be left with a sticky mess seeping through the paper. If you're worried about bugs in your apartment, you can find TCC apartments with pest control available.
  • Seat protectors: Even the most careful owners can be left with scuffed or stained car seats after long term use. To avoid the wear and tear on your car, consider buying seat protectors for both the back and front seats. Ideally, seat protectors should cover the seat as well as the back portion. Washing car seat covers is a lot easier than attempting to clean dirt and spills directly from the car seat.

For additional tips on how to maintain your car, check out this LifeHacker article on organizing a messy car.

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