Are there any rural areas to live in?

So, you are moving to the Capital city. I am sure by now you are envisioning the state capitol of Florida as an interchanging, ever-expanding, bustling, and thriving city. Well, you're half right. However, although Tallahassee is the capital, that does not necessarily negate the small town feel. Surprisingly to most, Tallahassee is quite rural for its population size. You can think of the city more in tuned with the likes of Southern state Charmers such as Alabama and Georgia as opposed to larger and industrialized cities such as Jacksonville and Tampa. Things are actually slower paced and infused with southern elegance in Tallahassee.

For starters, if you have never been to Tallahassee, then your perception may change as soon as you settle in. The first thing most people are shocked to see are the organic elements of the city. Most of the town's streets are shadowed in canopy trees and brick beaten paths. Rolling hills encompass much of the routes, allowing a glimpse of rural life into the city. Whether you enjoy the town's weather, Nationally recognized parks, or canopy trees, no matter where you go in this area, you will undoubtedly experience its rural atmosphere. However, there are more small town areas in the city that you may prefer.

Your best bet to finding a less modernized district is to steer clear of Southwest Tallahassee. Tallahassee apartments in this area are more accommodating to students and young adults wishing to experience a college life. This area may pacify most seeking a lively night-life or nearby entertainment. This area does tend to be very affordable for those looking to adhere to a strict budget. Although, keep in mind that you may compromise some of your quiet time.

Although areas surrounding the district have a tendency to be more modern, upscale and slightly faster paced than other districts in the capitol city, there are quieter places just outside downtown. For those of you who appreciate vintage charm and historical efforts, try look for apartments near Tallahassee in near Park Avenue and the Calhoun district. Much of these homes are centered around plantations, parks and museums.

You may find a more rural and attainable setting in Northeast Tallahassee. Tallahassee apartments here are well suited for families and middle-aged residents. Neighborhoods within the Northeast district are fairly quiet, well-kept, and allow its residents to feel disconnected from the busier bustling of a city life. Homes in this neighborhood can range from older to high end. However, monthly rates are quite affordable. To search for properties in this district, look for units in Thomasville and Centreville Rd. This community is also just off of I-10, making commutes more convenient.

Even the utmost industrialized areas of Tallahassee still seem to be quite modest and rural in comparison to other major cities in the state. Depending on your preference for land, space, and tranquility, pretty much anywhere you choose to live in this city will seem suitable. Northeast Tallahassee will more than likely have more to offer than surrounding districts. However, it is not unlikely to find a nice, quiet home just outside or on the outskirts of the Southeast area.

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