I want to live near bars, where should I live?

Tallahassee is a centralized location for student socialites. Having two Universities in the city along with the Capitol building has helped build the city into a renegade of entertainment. However, narrowing down which type of entertainment you prefer may still not ease your search for FSU apartments. Why? Well, because there is nearly a bar on every street corner.

Deciding which type of nightly atmosphere you enjoy best may be another alternative when looking to live next to social watering holes. Basically, Florida State University is located in Southeast Tallahassee. Assuming you wish to stay in this area for the locality of campus and collegiate pride, know that you will have a wide variety of options when it comes to student housing.

To be within walking distance to some of the most popular bars in the area, look for FSU apartments on Jackson Bluff. Jackson Bluff is home to Tallahassee's infamous Palace. The Palace always offers fantastic drink specials and is the ‘go-to' place on game day. Po Boys is also located on Jackson Bluff. This is another popular hangout for FSU students. This street is also walking distance to Doak Campbell Stadium., allowing residents here to skip out on the game day traffic and parking chaos. Running parallel to Jackson Bluff is Pensacola. Baja's is one of the more popular clubs on Pensacola. This street is flooded with student living communities and bars.

If you want the option of being a regular at a different station each night, try settle for apartments near FSU on Tennessee Street. Known as "the strip" this street is home to dozens of bars and restaurants. Aj's sports bar is located right on this street and attracts many students, graduates, alumni, fraternities and sororities. Living near this sport bar is definitely beneficial for those who love having access to every football game. The Pub, Chubby's and Bull Winkles are also popular amongst students. If you are into music and live bands, take a pit stop at Floyds, which is also located on the strip of Tennessee Street.

If you are looking to stay within walking distance of campus, sticking to areas near or on College Avenue may suit you best. Pot Belly's is one of the most famous party spots is the Southeast Florida State neighborhood of Tallahassee. Many apartments in this area are home to fraternities and Greek Life. However, this area does tend to be more affordable when it comes to student budgets.

For a more relaxed but still entertaining community, try looking for homes on N Monroe. Although this street does have less hang out spots than the latter, you can easily find comfort in chain restaurants such as Hooters. Take a trip to a lounge bar and relax in the laid back atmosphere of level 8. Café Cabernet, Bacchus and Salty Dog Pub are some of the named few located in this area.

As you have noticed, there are several streets engulfed with bars near living communities. Depending on how many options you prefer to be near your home, may help you decide which area or street is best for you.

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