I want to live next to all three colleges. Where can I live?

There are two major state Universities, a notable community college and a state capitol. Think about it, is Tallahassee really that big of a city? Although, Tallahassee is the 128th largest city in the U.S, actually, no. Tallahassee it does not compare to its sister in state cities such as Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. In actually, the city of Tallahassee seems to be relatively small. Blended in a historic southern charm and inner city vibe, you will be surprised to learn that nearly every destination in the city is less than a fifteen-minute drive.

Lucky for you, nearly everywhere you live in Tallahassee is close to both FAMU and FSU and TCC. However, there are districts in the town that are closer and more conveniently located next to all three schools. It is really up to your preferences that will enable you to determine which area is best for you.

To be in the center of student action, I highly recommend that you look for Tallahassee apartments in the Southwest district. This area is officially the home to Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. Although FAMU is not directly onsite, it is within a minutes drive. Southwest Tallahassee has plenty to offer a student-resident. Apartments here tend to be more affordable, student-centered, and within walking distance to both campuses. However, let be known that you will rarely encounter personal quiet time. Most collegiates in Southwest Tallahassee are eager to conduct social gatherings and outings. A bonus to this area is the many restaurants, bars and shopping outlets surrounding the schools.

The thriving intellect and modern landscape of downtown Tallahassee is just a few minutes drive to all three schools. Closer to FAMU than FSU, downtown Tallahassee has plenty to offer those who wish to experience a metropolitan lifestyle while simultaneously indulging in collegiate affairs. Suitable for both introverts and extroverts, Tallahassee apartments in this community are more upscale, quiet and luxurious. However, with upgrades comes additional rent. Downtown Tallahassee is not as affordable as the Southwest district. FAMU is just South of the town's Capital building, making downtown a popular area for FAMU graduates and alumni.

Midtown is a great location to search for apartments near Tallahassee. As you can guess, Midtown is mid center from downtown and Southwest Tallahassee. Here, you can be touching distance from FSU, TCC and FAMU. Midtown is a newer and more trending area of Tallahassee. Communities in this area are not as expensive as downtown but probably a bit pricier than student housing areas in the Southwest neighborhood of the city. This community is filled with entertainment from local boutiques to the hottest bars and chain restaurants. Here, you can still enjoy some privacy while enjoying nightlife experiences as you wish. Midtown is more trendy than your local college pubs in the Southwest district.

Basically, living in Tallahassee allows you the option to choose where you most prefer to live. Although most students decide to plant their roots in the Southwest district of the city, it is not uncommon to city students inhabiting the areas of Downtown and Midtown. With only a few minutes drive to school, these areas are great places to call home.

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