Does every one live in student housing?

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There are a few options close to campus that aren't your typical student housing, like these 1 bedrooms at A University View.

Florida State University offers a variety of on-campus student housing in order to accommodate to their mass student population. The University's modernized student-living quarters provide finite spaces for practically each sub culture within the school.

On Campus housing comes in Coed dorms, and dorms strictly for female or males. There are also on site FSU apartments catered to married students, single students, and disabled students. Fraternity and sorority housing along with wellness housing are also located on the base of Florida State's campus. With so many living options on campus, one would come to the conclusion that nearly all students must live on the campus grounds. However, only 19% of Florida State's student population lives in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing. That means a near 81% of students actually live off campus.

That being said, you can only imagine how many FSU apartments lay outside the University's property. When it comes to house shopping in this area, you can bet on finding an available unit at almost any time throughout the year.

When it comes to deciding between living on or off campus units, you may want to consider your preferences when it comes to entertainment and convenience outside of academics.

Living on campus may limit your privilege to entertainment. Sure, the Florida State campus offers plenty of amenities for its FSU apartments on University grounds. Just on campus there are chain restaurants located in the food court of the Union as well as local eateries located around campus. However, many of these diners abide by campus hours as opposed to some off campus take-out that is opened at all hours of the night.

However, living on campus allows you the luxury to walk to classes, enjoy the academic environment, have easy access to the library, gym and more. This may be a great environment for those who prefer to be near the campus at all times.

Living off campus may encourage you to head home early in order to find a parking spot near your home. However inconvenient that may sound, living off campus allows you the added benefit to live near bars, restaurants, clubs and shops. It may also allow you more flexibility in choosing the type of housing you prefer-whether that be luxury, serenity, boisterous or spacious.

Both on and off campus FSU apartments are quite affordable for students. Many communities in the area are student friendly, providing twenty-four house fitness and business centers for all student residents. Although on campus residents will have access to FSU's gym and library facilities, it may not be twenty-four hours and may be less exclusive than a private community amenity. Further, living on University perimeter's may limit your desire to have pets, where as other communities just outside of the school may offer special accommodations for your pet. Another factor to consider is whether you would want to live with a roommate who does not attend the university. Many Campus living units require their residents to be enrolled students at the school.

That being said, there really are great qualities in both options of on and off campus housing. The mere preference is up to you.

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