Im moving from out of state, and am wondering if its hard to find jobs, where I should live to be next to FAMU, and what the city is like. Can you help?

Southwest Tallahassee is home to two of the state's major universities, FAMU and FSU. With the added student enrollment at the city's community college, Tallahassee's student population sits at a total near 65,000 student residents. To say in the least, academics play a huge part in Tallahassee's culture.

Tallahassee is mildly intermixed with a diverse population of students, business professionals and families. Embedded with locals and out-of-state visitors, Tallahassee invokes a Southern charm within its tightly knit community.

Many students and residents alike would describe Tallahassee as a “prideful,” and “friendly,” neighborhood. Most of the folk living in this area are die hard college football fans, and you should expect to limit your travel on days where the Florida State Seminoles play in town.

There is plenty to do throughout the Tallahassee area, especially in the Southwest district where FAMU is located. When searching for FAMU apartments, you have the option of living next to recreation parks, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, museums and more.

If you are a night owl, especially throughout your college years, Tallahassee provides its residents with dozens of night entertainment through the vein of pubs, bars, and clubs. Most of everything, including take-out, stays open through the late hours in order to accommodate to the city's large student population.

Like most cities in this country, Tallahassee has limited employment to those who seek it. However, if you are a FAMU student, Tallahassee does have plenty of jobs that correlate with a studious schedule. If you plan to live in FAMU apartments near campus, it should be easy to land a job in a restaurant nearby. The hospitality industry is nearly perfect for those needing a flexible schedule throughout they curricular demands.

Governmental jobs are also ideal employment opportunities rivaled in the town. Being that the Capitol building resides in the heart of Tallahassee, there are many employment options for those interested in working for the city. Don't forget that there are also three major schools in close proximity to one another. Education has been a viable career to consider in this community due to the high demand in education here, where the schools are constantly expanding. However, government and educational careers may be harder to obtain than a job in the hospitality realm.

When attending FAMU, you really can live anywhere throughout the Tallahassee area. Tallahassee, unlike most large cities, is relatively small. Most things are only a short commute away from each other. Thus, although most students tend to nestle in FAMU apartments in the Southwest district, it is not uncommon to find students near the Capitol building in downtown Tallahassee. Therefore, depending on what your preference is between jobs and campus location, you may prefer one district over the other.

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