Are there places to live in Tallahassee for non-students?

Tallahassee is home to both the Capitol and two State Universities. Stretching its bandwidth to vet the likes of a diverse population, the city offers sparking attractions ranging from suburban and metropolitan neighborhoods, recreational parks, malls and varieties of entertainment. As a non-student taking residence in the city of Tallahassee, there are several areas to consider when looking for Tallahassee apartments.

Yes, the mild conception of a large student population stands to invoke that the fact stands true. However, the city also plays house for many business professionals in the governmental department.

If you are hoping to find Tallahassee apartments that shed away from the favorable student living conditions, you should first and foremost avoid Southwest Tallahassee. This district, which houses Florida State University, FAMU and Tallahassee Community Colleges, is obviously deemed a target for student residents.

The majority of non-student citizens take up space in the downtown district of the city. Downtown Tallahassee feeds on the livelihood of a fast-paced vibe mixed with southern charm and a metropolitan style. Although only within minutes of the Southwest student zone, this neighborhood is home to many graduates and business professionals. Downtown's standard of living may be higher than the neighboring districts in the area. With the higher-income population, Downtown tends to host more upscale and modern living communities in comparison to the rest of the city. Without a doubt, rent will be higher here than anywhere else near by. However, there is plenty to do in the downtown district. Just within the town are art studious, galleries, dozens of restaurants, roof top bars, and lounges.

Another attractive area for those looking to settle down alongside other non- student neighbors, is Northeast Tallahassee. More families than business professionals tend to settle down in this region for several reasons. First, the Northeast neighborhood is much more quiet and laid back than downtown. Away from the fast-paced atmosphere of a bustling city, this community is mixed with older and newer homes, canopied in shaded trees, and plenty of parking. The demographic here does tend to be a bit older, although more stable. The best area to look for apartments near Tallahassee in this district is on Thomasville Rd.

Another you place you may want to consider living is in the Midtown district of Tallahassee. Midtown is an up and coming neighborhood with trendy boutiques, fantastic restaurants, and popular waterholes. Properties are relatively cheap here. However, this area has been becoming increasingly popular amongst the student body population.

When moving to Tallahassee, there are several options to consider when looking for a place to live outside of the student population. However, be aware that you will probably never fully escape a student siting. Downtown may be your surest bet when it comes to seeking out a community with the least amount of students. However, this district will be more expensive than neighboring towns in the city, but there will be plenty of entertainment to keep you company.

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