Where should I live with my pet? Are there any pet friendly communities?

Relocating to a new location throughout a defining transitional period from high school to college is difficult enough. Having to leave your furry best friend back at home can almost become unbearable. If you are fixated upon bringing your pet along for the collegiate experience, you are in luck! There are plenty of pet-friendly apartments in Tallahassee.

TCC apartments come in all sorts of varieties from sizes to locations and amenities in order to accommodate to nearly every individual need. There are plenty of options available for you in order to find a cozy home for you and your furry friend. When first beginning your search, it is important to decide what location you prefer to live in. Do you want to live within walking distance of campus? Would you rather have easy access to pet-friendly parks? If you don't have a preference, that's ok too! Tallahassee is a smaller, closer city that enables its residence to explore each of the town's districts within minutes of each other. In other words, Tallahassee is a smaller city in comparison to others you may have lived in or traveled to. No matter where you decide to live, you will always be minutes away from your destination.

Tallahassee is home to several different state parks and recreational sites that are perfect areas to walk your dogs or take your pet to for some fresh air. TCC apartments surrounding these areas may be perfectly suitable for you and your pet. Try looking for communities near Lake Talquin, which is just located in the North West area of Tallahassee. Apartments in this area are more quiet, laid back and can be more affordable than communities near downtown or Midtown. However, this suburban area is more populated with families and older residents than TCC students.

Lake Ella is another recreational site near campus that invites people and pets alike. This park is located in Northeast Tallahassee, which is more of a student-centered hot spot. This park is located just minutes from Midtown and the downtown area which is infused with shopping, dining, bars, nightlife and entertainment. Search for communities near these areas.

Southwest Tallahassee is student and pet friendly. With more of a quiet neighborhood, this area bordered Campbell pond, which is another great spot to take your pet out for a jog. If you are seeking off campus living that still thrives on collegiate vibes, check out Seminole Grand. This pet-friendly community is just minutes away from campus, grocery stores and entertainment.

If living near a recreational site is less important to you, perhaps you prefer a convenient living community with enough space for your animal. Having a patios or balcony may be a must for you and your pet. Pet-friendly establishments that come equipped with a balcony or patio worth checking out are Delaney Park, The Paddock Club, Verandas at Southwood and The Preserve. You may also want to look into places with ponds, yards or grassier areas.

Although there are many added benefits when it comes to living with your animal, living with a pet may induce some roadblocks when it comes to living on TCC campus or in student housing. Most on campus regulations do not allow pets to reside with students. However, there are plenty of student-communities and student housing areas just near campus or a short drive to class. Although this may have its downside, most off campus properties are budget efficient and loaded with luxurious amenities.

Finding the perfect place to call home can somewhat be overwhelming and time consuming. In efforts to maximize your time and spend fewer hours on searching for your new home, try using our search tools! To search for pet friendly establishments at your own convenience in the TCC area, all you have to do is use our custom-built apartment locator. To do this you can click on the "search now" tab that will bring you to our search tools. Use the filters on the left hand side of the page to choose what search criteria you would like your future community to include. Within seconds, our locator will populate the screen with properties that match your search criteria. You can then read about the neighborhood information surrounding each complex, compare prices, and learn further information on what each community has to offer.

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