As a new graduate student at FSU what should I know about the area?

Tallahassee hosts both the Capitol and several state Universities. The city strikes its citizens with interchangeable qualities ranging from several diverse metropolitan areas, recreational parks, malls and plenty of entertainment. As for a Florida State graduate student newly taking residence in the Tallahassee area, there are several things to consider aside from academics.

So, you have decided you want to attend FSU for graduate school. Congratulations! Your next question may be in regards to the cultural and social aspects of Florida State and the city of Tallahassee itself. Before beginning your search for FSU apartments, it may be best to get a bit acclimated with your new neighborhood.

Let’s start with the basics. Tallahassee is a fairly diverse city. Nearly 80% of the area is not made up of native Floridians. People from around the world proudly study at Florida State University. Growing at a higher rate than both the cities of Miami and Tampa, you can surely count on being surrounded by a melting pot of students, friends, and colleagues. Tallahassee’s Leon County is also the most educated population in the entire state of Florida. Almost 50% of the populations have a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s or a doctorate, which dominates the state average at just 22%. Living next to educated and diverse neighbors doesn’t sound too bad.

The city is accommodating to a natural Floridian climate. Meaning, long summers and mild winters. In Tallahassee you do get to experience pretty cold winters in comparison to other cities in the state, but keep in mind that you get equally hot summers! However, this subtropical climate is the perfect weather to enjoy several of Tallahassee’s recreation parks such as Lake Ella and Lake Talquin.

FSU is without a doubt a well-known party school. It is an exciting place to be with a lot going on. Football season is huge here. Expect the town to be flooded with out of towners, fans and enemies on game gay. If you are not a fan of crowds, Id recommend to leave town for the weekend or plan on not leaving your home until after the game day tidal wave has subsided.

Throughout the school year, the city tends to be a bit congested with traffic, although, it seems to suppress by the start of summer. If you decided to live off campus or a short drive from school, plan your routes accordingly.

Home to a band of wild college bars such as AJ’s and PotBelly’s. the city’s social life in this area seems to appeal mostly to undergraduate students. Places such as midtown have become trending hot spots for students throughout the weekend nights, in addition to the handfuls of bars just near campus. However, there are plenty of areas in this town where an older graduate student can escape the wraths of undergrad party habits.

The downtown area of Tallahassee thrives on the livelihood of a fast-paced metropolitan area. Not too far from FSU, this area is home to many young business professionals and graduate students. Downtown’s standard of living may be higher than the other districts. With a higher-income population, this district tends to be more upscale and modern in comparison to the campus quarters of Florida State. If you are a proactive lover of art, downtown is home to the art historic district. This area hosts more than 50 artists, studios and galleries.

If you are looking for a quieter area of town to move to, I would recommend to live in North East Tallahassee. This area is eluded with charming older homes close to the downtown area. Here, the demographic tends to be a bit older, stable and a more professional population. To claim a spot in this area, look for apartments near Thomasville.

Southwest Tallahassee seems to be a target for most of the town’s college students, and for good reason. The Southwest community is home to Florida State University. Most of the apartments near FSU are inhabited with younger students who prefer the convenience of living next to grocery stores, bars, and shopping. Many apartments in the area are very affordable, especially in comparison to Northeast and downtown areas. Greek Village and Doak Campbell Stadium all reside in this Southwest zone. Expect lots of flourishing nightlife in this area with plenty of eager collegiate. TCC and FAMU are also within close proximity of Southwest Tallahassee.

When moving from your home to attend Florida State University, consider which elements you most like about the town prior to deciding where to live. Recognizing the cultural and social aspects of the city is certainly defining in determining your preference in location. There are specific areas and apartments for graduate students such as Downtown and Northeast Tallahassee. However, this town seems to hold a niche for nearly every individual’s needs.

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