I am moving to Tallahassee and want to live in a more quiet area. Where can I look?

Without a doubt, Tallahassee is known for its conundrum of thriving students in the area. With several dominate schools in the city, it is no wonder why Tallahassee has become the centralized district for most Florida students. From Greek Village to Doak Campbell stadium, you may think it would be impossible to escape the vivacious lifestyle of a Tallahassee student. However, there are several areas and neighborhoods that can compliment a more intricate and tranquil atmosphere.

If overgrown trees, historic arts and humble neighbors are something that interests you, try checking out Northeast Tallahassee. Northeast Tallahassee is a common community for families, great grade schools and more luxury Tallahassee apartments. This neighborhood is one of Tallahassee’s oldest, so you can be sure to count the number of students in this area on just one of your hands. Although student spotting is rare in this area, this neighborhood is identified as more upscale. Northeast Tallahassee is filled with boutiques, a golf course, hiking trails and a theatre. When looking for apartments in this area, checkout communities near Thomasville Road.

If you want to be on the outskirts of entertainment with a minute’s ease to shopping and dinning, try looking at apartments near Northwest Tallahassee. Northwest Tallahassee is just outside of the downtown district and the capitol. This area is generally populated with an older crowd. This type of rural atmosphere offers quiet and convenience. Just a short drive from several of the city’s schools, these luxury communities are bordered with calmer streets, local shopping and fantastic dinning. If you are a lover of outdoors, this area may be a great place for you to call home. Lake Talquin is located in the heart of Northwest Tallahassee. This state recreational area, provides hiking trails for biking and jogging, and fishing on the 500-foot boardwalk. Want to settle in this district? Try looking for places on Tharpe Street or just North of Tower Road.

Southwood is another inviting neighborhood for new Tallahassee residents seeking serenity in a home. Known as a “small town” neighborhood, this community has higher-end housing and filled with more families than students. However, if you are wanting an area with a younger demographic, try looking at Midtown and areas around Lake Ella. Although these districts are trending with students and surrounded by nightlife, the areas have more expensive living communities that tend to weed out some of the University students.

Just minutes South of Tallahassee is a somestimes hidden and quiet neighborhood known as Lakewood. Lakewood borders Campbell pond, which surrounds a bird sanctuary. You can count on this area be calmer than most of the surrounding neighborhoods. An added benefit to this neighborhood is that it is regularly visited by the city bus.

If you are an honor student at the State University, try living in the honors dorms. This quiet, prestigious area is known for its studious environment. There are several dormitories throughout campus for students to choose from. These areas are perfect for those who want the convenience of living on campus yet need a calmer quarter to study.

Keep in mind that Tallahassee is a smaller city in comparison to its Floridian neighbors. Each neighborhood and district of the city is within minutes of one another. So, if you still want to be able to enjoy entertainment near your home although be secluded from the echo of a collegiate lifestyle, do not worry. You will certainly find a perfect place in Tallahassee to call your new home.

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