Is parking an Issue near FAMU?

Over 15,000 students alone attend Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University in the Tallahassee area. Add FAMU's student population to that of Florida State and TCC and you can reasonably expect to experience a dense mass of students in a concentrated area.

Parking near campus

Like most college, campus areas do tend to get tight when it comes to easily finding a parking destination-especially five minutes before class. My advice is to look for FAMU apartments that are within walking distance to campus. A great benefit to living in Tallahassee is that many apartments near FAMU have adapted their properties to accommodate to their student residents. Living in a student-centered community can especially be helpful when it comes to parking. Most bordering communities in this area do tend to have larger parking lots than other areas in Tallahassee. Knowing that parking may insinuate problematic claims when traveling to and from campus, these living communities have expanded their areas to accommodate to parking demands. You can easily identify which living areas would well suit your parking dilemma just by driving through the campus streets. A word of advice, is to always check with your property manager in regards to how their parking situation is conducted. You may prefer to have a designated parking spot or just hope to have a parking area within close range to your home. No one likes parking on the opposite end of the community .Keep in mind that many properties are volatile when it comes to parking your vehicle next to your living unit. There always seems to be less parking at night. How many parking spots are you entitiled to? Can you friends park in this area as well? Is there a towing service? . It is safest to ask the property staff all the questions you may encounter when it comes to this specific topic.

Perhaps you prefer to live further away from campus. This, actually, may be beneficial in a few ways. Living further from campus may be in less of a demand, resulting in more parking opportunities for residents in this area. However, that depends on where you decide to live. Location in Tallahassee is key when searching for plentiful parking areas. I would recommend to search for FAMU apartments closer to the Florida State campus but not within its borders. This area is commonly shared between the two campuses and is a fortress for collegiate affairs. This may conduct an upheaval of parking spots for its many student dwellings. Closer to the Florida State campus there are parking garages and public parking lots for residents and students near the premises.

Parking near entertainment

Parking at local bars, restaurants and shops can become chaos on specific given days. Come weekends, finding a parking spot at your favorite watering whole may be limited. You may consider looking for a home near the entertainment neighbors so that you can avoid spending the added time looking for an area to park your car. For communities near entertainment, look for units near Monroe and Tennessee Streets.

There are many parking areas for the thousands of students in the Tallahassee area. However, some areas will be less plentiful than others. Keep than in mind when searching for your new home and always ask your property manager whether or not you will have a promised parking spot on premises.

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