I’m a college student trying to save money, what should I look for in apartments near FSU to keep my cost of living low?

Your college years can be some of the best experiences you have in life. While they should always be remembered, they shouldn't be a huge strain on your finances if you can avoid it. Tuition and books aside, your cost of living is one of the highest costs to factor into your yearly budget. You can bring down the budget on your Florida State University apartment in a number of ways without sacrificing any comfort or convenience.

Look for a Good Deal

There are several apartments near FSU in Tallahassee. For example, The Hub @ Tallahassee starts at only $300 per room! If I were looking to save money while renting an apartment, this would be the first place I would go. From here, you can always further refine your results based on your budget and needs so you may get applications out to your top options.

Find Roommates to Split the Bill

Hands down one of the easiest ways to limit your expenses is to have roommates. Sharing a four-bedroom apartment with your friends is going to be much less expensive than renting a one-bedroom all by yourself. If you would rather meet new people, you can always opt for apartment communities with roommate matching services or you can try to find fellow Florida State University students that match your personality and are looking for similar living arrangements.

If you are concerned about being financially responsible for every person on the lease, an individual lease might be the best option for someone in your situation. Opting for an apartment community that offers individual lease options will allow you to rent a single bedroom in a larger unit and only be held responsible for your portion of the rent. However, it should be noted that this peace of mind tends to come with a higher per-room price tag (but it is still lower than a one-bedroom).

Get Creative

There are a lot of other ways you can cut down on your living expenses while in school at FSU. Try weighing the cost of renting a furnished apartment against buying all of your own furniture. The same goes for all-inclusive apartments. Do you think you will use enough utilities in a month to justify the higher rent? For some it is a good deal but for others it may be better to pay for utilities individually. Look for amenities that you think you might use. Are you a gym-rat? Find an apartment community with a fitness center and maybe you can cut out your gym membership.

Don't restrict yourself to only trying to save money on rent. There are many resources online dedicated to helping you create a budget and tips to help you save money. You'd be surprised at how much money you can save just by implementing a few simple changes into your life. For all your budgeting needs, check out our FSU Cost of Living Guide!

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