Can I live in student housing near FSU but take classes at TCC?

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The Boulevard is an excellent option for both FSU and TCC students.

Very few apartments near FSU require students to attend Florida State University. Most student housing apartments in Tallahassee only require that you are a student at one of the local colleges or universities, but do not require FSU specifically. When searching for apartments near FSU, make sure you're looking for student housing without the requirement of attending school. You'll want to be sure to ask the leasing team if they have any specific requirements, but as a general rule of thumb you will qualify to live in student apartments or apartments with individual leases as long as you are attending classes (regardless of your school).

Our best advice is not to delay your apartment search! Many of the most popular apartment options near FSU will fill up earlier in the season. If you're ready to get started,  you might want to check out these pages:

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It is often a common trend that many TCC students stay in the FSU student housing areas or vice versa. The two schools are so close together, that the definition of where each student housing area stops and where one begins isn't that important anymore, so many TCC off campus housing communities are full of FSU students too! Don't let it be a deal breaker of living in the student housing area of Florida State without attending the school. Always check with the property management staff to talk about your situation and circumstance. Most leasing staffs will understand your situation and try to work something out with you.

RentTally has great resources to help you find the right apartments near FSU. Our FAQs help you answer any questions you may have about the area. The Neighborhood Guides help you discover which neighborhood in Tallahassee is best fit for your needs. Using our search tools, you can go ahead and find which apartments near FSU do not make attending the school a requirement. It's tough find yourself a new place, so let us do all the hard work for you! We can help you narrow down your options with the simple click of a button!

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