How can guests enter my apartments in Tallahassee if it is a gated community?

Many residents are interested in exclusive apartment living and opt for gated Tallahassee apartments. Benefits to gated communities include the increased sense of security, reduced traffic, reduced number of solicitors, and general come with a stricter community with other similar rules and regulations. Residents looking for quiet apartments and luxury apartments will probably find this amenity offered in conjunction with those. If this is something you are interested in, you may be wondering how guests, like friends and family, can come visit you in Tallahassee apartments. The good news is that gated apartments will not be a large inconvenience for your visitors – many communities have efficient systems set up for entrance and admission into the property. While each community may vary slightly, here are a few common ways that guests can enter apartments near Tallahassee with gates.

One of the main features of gated communities is the gate box at the entrance. This gate box often has a list of current residents, and guests can scroll through names or look up a specific name. Once your name is selected, your visitor will press a button to auto-dial your phone number (not visible to the visitor) and request permission to enter. By answering your phone and pressing a key or code, you can open the gate for your visitor no matter where you are. In order to make sure you guests can reach you, make sure you provide the leasing office with a current phone number for you and your roommates. If you change your number, don't forget to update it in the system!

Before your guests head your way, make sure to let them know that you live in a gated community. Tell them that they will have to enter a special code or come in from a certain location to access your complex. For example, some Tallahassee apartments have separate lanes for residents and a different lane for the gate box. Your guests will appreciate knowing which lane they should enter ahead of time so they don't have to back up and reposition their car. The resident lane is gated too, but many communities offer security cards or special codes for residents to get through the gates in a speedy manner. If you opt for a security card instead of a resident code, there may be an additional fee required to provide one for you.

Once your residents enter Tallahassee apartments, it can be a good idea to go outside and greet them at your apartment. Big apartment communities can sometimes be difficult to navigate! In addition, these communities may also have separate spots for visitors, so make sure you direct them to the correct area to avoid a potential towing issue. Residents can get special parking decals and registration to park very close to their unit. If you're throwing a party or hosting an event at your place, here are some helpful tips from Oprah on being a great host.

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