Im trying to convince my parents to let me go to TCC. How and where can I find affordable apartments?

Im sure by now, you are overly eager to leave your parent's nest and gain your solitude of collegiate independence. However, there may be one major hurdle to jump: finding an affordable apartment.

When looking to live on your own, creating a plan to avoid financial instability is vital. The last thing you want to do while enduring the stresses of school is have to worry about your budget. In other words, map out a financial plan and stick to it! You may think that harshening your monthly rental allowance may limit your freedom when it comes to experiences the finest that Tallahassee may have to offer. However, that is a slight misconception. Tallahassee is probably one of the best places to live for those who are stuck to an abstemious student budget.

There are hundreds of options for you to consider when looking for apartments near TCC. Luckily for your, over half of those options are considerate to those with financial stiffens. The biggest challenge you may face, is which of these communities is best for you? In order to solve your issue, here are a few tips to consider.

Create a budget. How much are you capable of spending each month just on rent alone? TCC apartments can range from $300-$1200 on average. Do you fall within those boundaries? Take a second and think about how much you would like to spend. Keep that number in the forefront of your head.

Location. Specific areas of Tallahassee are more affordable than other areas when it comes to living. Since you will be attending Tallahassee Community College, it is in your best interest to look for TCC apartments in the Southwest area of Tallahassee. Southwest Tallahassee is home to both TCC and FSU and is flooded with college students. Because this area is commonly known for housing students, you can definitely expect for these communities to make student accommodations. Meaning, these areas will definitely be in your price range. In addition, living near campus will save you tons of gas money (another great argument for mom and dad).

Roommates. Living with roommates can help to alleviate rental costs. Many properties throughout Tallahassee offer roommate selection or even individual room rentals, which really lower rental prices and financial vulnerabilities.

All inclusive. It may be to your benefit to search for a home that includes utilities, internet and cable into your monthly rent. Having an all inclusive rent it not only easy on you when it is time to pay your monthly bills, but it can also lower your total monthly costs.

So, great, now you have some clues and hints as to what type of things may help you achieve your goal of landing an affordable apartment. Now, how do you find these without a hundred hours of research? Easy. Try using our custom build apartment locator tool. All you have to do is use our filters to select options such as all inclusive rents, or roommate selection. A list of properties that meet your search criteria will populate on the screen. You can even start your search by selecting a monthly rental amount. This will help narrow down your searches in seconds! Good Luck!

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