Are there places to live near the airport?

Tallahassee Regional Airport is located in the Southwest district of the city. Sitting in Leon Country, the regional airport is just minutes from Tallahassee apartments near FSU, FAMU and TCC.

Generally speaking, traveling to and from destined routes is relatively easy in the Capital city. Most districts are close to one another, making living options nearly endless. However, depending on your preferences, you may choose to live in one specific neighborhood over the other.

For starters, if you are looking for Tallahassee apartments near the airport, I would start your search in the Southwest district of Tallahassee. Known as the “school district,” Both FSU and FAMU rest in this community. This part of town is ideal for students and graduates. Southwest Tallahassee is catered to its student population and thus offers student-friendly rent prices, lots of parking, and occasional social events. However, this well-populated area does tend to be quite loud and will experience heavy traffic throughout the football season.

Downtown Tallahassee is also fairly close to the airport. Although not too far from the campus area of town, downtown can make you feel as though you are hundreds of miles away. Apartments near Tallahassee in this neighborhood tend to be more on the high end of the stick. Meaning, these units can come at a cost. However, there are many added benefits to living in this area. For one, most things are within walking distance, there are hardly any students, and most employment opportunities are based in downtown.

Northwest Tallahassee is a bit further from the airport than downtown and the Southwest districts. Sporting a more rural landscape and vibe, Northwest Tally is much cheaper, calmer, and family friendly than downtown. Lake Talquin lies just inside this neighborhood and is a great area to enjoy some hiking, picnicking and jogging.

Like Northwest Tallahassee, the Northeast community of Tally mixes rural elements into its family friendly suburbs. Northeast Tally is just outside of the Southwest district and not too far from the airport. Homes in this neighborhood can range from fairly priced to experience. However, this area offers older, newer, luxury and more basic apartments to its residents. The Northwest is also surrounded by nightlife, tons of restaurants, and parks. This location is ideal for college graduates, graduate students and newer families.

Due to the town's closeness in proximity, the Tallahassee Regional airport really is not too far from any district inside the city. Although there are some neighborhoods that are close to the airport's location than others, there really will not be too much of a difference in commuting time. However, if you do prefer to be as close as possible, I would recommend starting to look near the Southwest district.

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