Is there bad traffic near FSU?

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If you choose an apartment within walking distance to FSU, you'll never have to worry about traffic.

Generally, Tallahassee lacks a supreme achievement of traffic flow into and out of the city. Although the population, especially the student population, is widely dense in the Southwest district of Tallahassee, traffic congestions really do not seem to invoke any troublesome issues. However, there are some exceptions to the norm.

Most FSU apartments are within walking distance to most activities held in the district. As a result of the town being so small, geographically, you can count on most destinations taking no more than a 15-minute commute. Because of this, most residents in the FSU area of the city tend to walk to and from their home, restaurants and campus. However, a large majority of these students do own a vehicle, it is just not always necessary to have to use it.

Throughout most days of the week, you will rarely encounter traffic on Tallahassee's main roads in the FSU community such has Tennessee St, College Avenue, and Pensacola. However, there are times where traffic will seem unbearable. This intolerable time is when the Florida State Seminole football team plays in town. Home game traffic can be dreadful for those wishing to commute throughout the town. Tennessee and Monroe Streets are normally the most congested. Although you may be used to traveling these roads daily, they contain the most stop lights making the traffic build up even worse. Additionally, Tally is considered to be a historical town and their beaten brick pathways offer no relief for traffic nuisance.

Living in FSU apartments, it is likely that you will encounter some traffic during the school year. However, there are some ways around it that could be a slightly better alternative. If you are searching for apartments near Tallahassee near I-10, you may be at a better advantage of avoiding the tailgate traffic collisions. I-10 can get you through, around and outside of town without much trouble, allowing you to avoid the main roads surrounding campus.

If you plan on attending FSU and commuting to downtown daily for work, again, consider yourself forewarned of game day traffic. Aside from that, you really will not have many issues traveling across the city.

However, there are some neighborhoods that are more vulnerable towards experiencing some traffic congestion. Some of these neighborhoods are located in the older parts of Tallahassee such as French Town and just outside of Thomasville. These areas tend to be outside of the Southwest district where the majority of FSU apartments are located and should not be too much of a worry if you plan on living near campus.

Overall, there is not bad traffic near FSU. Unlike most expanding cities, Tally does not experience a heavy traffic flow throughout the days, resulting in a fairly easy commute for its residents and visitors traveling to and from school and work.

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