How can I narrow down my search? There are so many places to live near FSU. Help!

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As you begin your search for FSU apartments, I am sure you have quickly taken notice to the endless possibilities of potential homes in the area. Attempting to devour just about every community penned down in the area is nearly impossible. However, there are several ways to limit down your search to just a handful of suitable properties.

Tallahassee's enthusiasm for students is part of what attributes to the college life, attracting an ongoing collection of personalities and ethnicities. With hundreds of thousands of students in the area, it is no wonder why FSU apartments come by the dozen. Executing a more refined search when looking for a home may not always be considered an art of second nature. In fact, there are hours upon hours of research that goes into finding the perfect home, especially when you are unfamiliar with the area. However, a great way to narrow down your search is to break them up into broad categories, then specifying your preferences from there.

1. Start Your Search by Location

There are several different districts to live in Tallahassee. From Midtown, to downtown, suburb and rural neighborhoods, Tallahassee is a city that has it all. More than likely, being a Florida State student, you will want to live near by or as close to campus as possible. With that being said, it is probably recommended to start your search in the Southwest district of Tallahassee. Southwest Tallahassee is where FSU, FAMU and TCC are all located. Most apartments near FSU are considerably cheap and catered to its student residents.

There are other districts not too far from campus such as Downtown, Northeast, Northwest and Southeast Tallahassee. Although there are relatively affordable homes in these areas as well, they are outside of the campus area and may have an older population whereas Southwest Tally thrives on a student population.

2. Fix Yourself A Budget

The word Budget can make nearly every individual cringe. However, a strict budget plan can really play a crucial role in deciding where to live. Try to stay within 5% of your planned rent amount. Although many communities near FSU will more than likely offer units within your budget they may not always offer the amenities you prefer. This is where you can specify your search. When narrowing down your option by budget, include what type of floor plan you want. A one, two, three bedroom, maybe you prefer a garage or fitness center. These are the kinds of things to consider prior to jumping on the search gun.

3. Consider Convenience

What matters most to you? Do you prefer to be within walking distance of campus or a convenient store? Do you prefer to live near bars, restaurants and entertainment or would you prefer something more quiet? The city of Tally offers plenty of these options and figuring out what is best for you will certainly tailor your search down to a few reasonable options.

Plugging in these the three criteria as mentioned above should help you limit you score of apartments to a reasonable minimum.

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