Is downtown a suitable place to live while attending TCC?

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Tally Square
Tally Square is an awesome option in Downtown Tallahassee.

While attending Tallahassee Community College, students are afforded the opportunity to decide where they would like to live. With a pool of TCC apartments throughout Tallahassee, you can basically live anywhere while still having a short commute to class.

What is downtown like?

The downtown vibe of Tallahassee is an enrichment of historical attributes sprinkled in a beautification of urbanization. With the Capital building centered in the fortress of the district, many consider the downtown area of Tallahassee to be the fast-paced district. Apart from the city's herculean efforts to sequester downtown Tallahassee into a metropolitan neighborhood, the Capitol area moderately remains engulfed in Southern city charm.

Who live here?

Many young professionals tend to build their lives in downtown Tallahassee, settling in high-rise buildings and taking advantage of the town's public transportation. It is also not uncommon to see students throughout this area. Many graduates and current students are attracted to the internships opportunities in this area and find that downtown Tallahassee allows them to feel far away from the college atmosphere.

How far is downtown?

Downtown Tallahassee is only a few minutes drive from most TCC apartments on or near campus. However, keep traffic at the forefront of your mind. This is a business district and rush hour does tend to create a stream of vehicle congestion.

What type of Apartments can I get? Are they expensive?

Apartments near TCC that are located downtown do come with a cost. Most units in the downtown area of Tallahassee are newer, more modern, upscale and luxurious. Here, you can opt to live in properties that overlook the city or have a rooftop lounge. Although price costs can fluctuate and widely range due to type of apartment and amenities, you can expect to pay several hundred more dollars in downtown than you would living closer to TCC.

What are the perks of living in downtown?

If you are looking for work, downtown may be a very advantageous area for you to settle down in. This district has loads of restaurants, bars, government entities, banks and more. Many residents and downtown also walk to most places they travel to. This can help save gas money and play a dual role of exercise. Downtown also allows you to experience a feel of a metropolitan lifestyle. Feeling distances away from college life, downtown can allow you to grasp an understanding of how it may feel to live more independent.

Any cons?

A downside of downtown Tallahassee is definitely related to the cost. Properties in this area do tend to outweigh rent prices in the surrounding districts of the area. Aside from the traffic, another area of concern may be parking. Many buildings in this community tend to have smaller parking lots and favor street side parking.

What is the difference of downtown in comparison to student living?

Price is one of the biggest factors that distinguish student living areas from downtown homes. Aside from rent amounts, student housing districts are more student focused. There may be more student-friendly amenities such as parking, twenty-four hour business centers, fitness centers, pool parties, tanning beds and more. Downtown will be more modern, offering a more sophisticated moon-lite bar atmosphere and gated entrances. Both areas will be very accommodating as far as convenience goes. Each district has plenty of grocery stores, shops, and diners.

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