Where are luxury apartments located?

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Tally Square
Tally Square is a luxury option close to Downtown.

Living in luxury can be worth spending the extra buck for many. Not having to worry about leaks, broken appliances, or having to leave your home for much of anything is the advantage of living in a luxury apartment.

Tallahassee apartments really come in a wide variety of types to fit the needs of nearly every individual. From bare dwellings to resort style living, this city will have you covered when it comes to finding the perfect place to call home.

Tallahassee is not a very large city, contrary to what one may perceive about the capital town. With two large Universities in town, much of the city caters to its dense student population. However, this does not constrict your ability to find a luxury community within Tallahassee.

Tallahassee apartments are located all throughout its districts. When searching for a luxury unit, I would first recommend looking in downtown Tallahassee. Downtown floor plans are more modern, updated and appealing for those who expect high-end living within the palms of their hands. In downtown, you can find units with city views, roof top lounges, granite counter tops and sleek designs. The downside to living in this neighborhood with come in the form of traffic and rent prices. Expect to pay more in rent in this area. As a result of luxury living, most business professionals and graduates live in this area. Downtown is definitely not catered to a student-friendly budget. Traffic can also become quite burdensome during rush hour traffic. However, it is not as bad as larger cities.

On the other side of town, you may be able to find nicer communities with the areas of Northeast Tallahassee. Particularly near Thomasville Road. This area, although much more tranquil and slow paced, is idea for families and graduates. Thomasville is landscaped in canopy trees and local diners. Here, you can find a mix of old and new units. Although this neighborhood may not be as high-end as downtown Tallahassee, prices are more affordable.

Near the FSU area, you can expect to find more luxury housing catered to students. Although you may expect this area to be less of a luxury than both downtown and Northeast Tallahassee, think again. Apartments near Tallahassee in this district often offer more amenities than both downtown and the Northeast districts. Although the inside of the units may not be as sleek and modern than the former, most residents get to enjoy resort style benefits such as free tanning beds, twenty-four hour fitness centers, computer labs and dog parks. With a fostered environment of posh living and academic ease, these type of communities help afford their residents to enjoy both college and luxury living. Expect to pay nearly half of what you would pay in rent in this area than downtown Tallahassee. However, be prepared to be neighbored with college coeds and night owls.

In all, Tallahassee offers high-end living throughout each of its districts. Although prices will fluctuate with each location, you are still able to find a well suited home in nearly in part of town.

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