Are there Hotels near FSU?

It's a safe assumption that college fever has wholly consumed the Florida State area of Tallahassee. The Southwest district of Tallahassee is the kind of rancorous eyefuls that student and alumni coeds will marvel over, re-living their collegiate days for years to come. That being said, it is not unusual for family friends from around the state and the Nation to come visit your college dwellings. The problem lies at where do they stay?

As of now, you may have a vague idea of Tallahassee's bones. The Southern charmed school, known more as a college town that a metro city, bases its structure on the town's large student population. As a result of this predominant population, the city has made quite a few accommodations in order to meet the needs of its largest residents. In addition its large subsidiaries of student housing, the city has also made over night stay arrangements for families and friends visiting the area.

Throughout Tallahassee, and more predominantly in the downtown area of the city, are handfuls of Hotels where visitors can stay. From motel 8's to high end luxury stays, there is no particular brand of living when it comes to spawning life long fascinations in this city. The Capitol city allows residents and visitors to put down their roots just about anywhere.

However, if you prefer to find Tallahassee apartments that are near a large inventory of hotels, I would recommend settling in a unit in the Southwest or downtown districts.

Southwest Tallahassee is where Florida State University is located. Here, you can expect to experience most of the wondered chaos that permeates into FSU's student world at large. This neighborhood is more adapt to budget-friendly hotels and motels and may be considered to be more humble stays than luxurious. However, there are a few newly built properties that are suitable for parents visiting the area.

For more luxurious over night stays near Tallahassee apartments, I would consider looking at homes in downtown Tallahassee. Although downtown may seemingly seem far from the distant world of collegiate affairs in the Southwest district, downtown is surprisingly only a few minutes drive from campus. Many game day festivals are also held in this location such as the downtown get down. In addition to the plethora of hotels, there are many affluent restaurants in the area as well as public transportation and an older population.

One major factor to consider when searching for apartments near Tallahassee that are near hotels, is game days. Come football season, hotels in Tallahassee sell out almost over night. I would highly recommend coordinating hotel stays months prior to your family arrive in town. In fact, I would consider booking a hotel, given they plan to visit during football season, during the summer months prior to college football beginning. Although there are plenty of hotels in the Tallahassee area, the city is very small. During the college football season, it almost seems that the residents outgrow their zip codes. Thus, its best to over prepare and book hotels months in advanced.

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