What is it like to live near FAMU?

Living in FAMU apartments is sure to bring you lots of entertainment. The city of Tallahassee really is the pure embodiment of college life. Absent a fast paced city life, the small town of the Capitol city is specifically known for its mass student population. It goes without saying, that living near FAMU means living in a biodome of college catered neighborhoods, designed to strictly enhance the value of student lives.

While looking for FAMU apartments, set aside your worries for mundane atmospheres and inconvenient locations. Living in this city means that you will more than likely always be surrounded by the best of entertainment within minutes from your very own dwelling.

Entertainment starts right at your front door. Getting involved in your University's community is one of the first steps towards taking full advantage of your college's surroundings. In addition to meeting new faces, being a student at FAMU gives you access to multiple student activities such as clubs, social hangouts and intermural sports. If you are looking for apartments near FAMU that is in the heart of these activities, you may consider looking for homes on or just outside of campus.

Many students decide to reside in between FAMU and FSU districts. This area is perfect for those who love college football. Communities in this area are normally filled with boisterous neighbors, lively late nights and seldom quiet days. Residing near FAMU allows students the opportunity to form alliances with students from their neighboring colleges such as TCC and FAMU.

Just outside campus is where you can find some of Tallahassee's golden historical landmarks. Although this area may be more calm in comparison to the college district, Downtown Tallahassee and Midtown are some of the more recent hot spots to consider. These neighborhoods are just minutes away from the University and still thrive with student vibrancy. The populations in these areas are moderately young and the night life is quite entertaining. There are multiple bars and restaurants in these areas that have been wildly attracting college students to the area. In addition to its moderate rent prices, these communities are embedded with restaurants, shops and parks. Midtown and Downtown are perfect areas for those who enjoy bar hopping within walking distance and long celebratory tailgate weekends.

Living near FAMU also gives you access to be near several outdoor parks. Just near your unit you will find Lake Jackson and Lake Talquin. These recreational areas are great for residents who enjoy biking, jogging, hiking and kayaking.

Although the FAMU location may not be the idea area for families, the school does provide plenty of entertainment for your children. Just near campus is a child development center that will provide for your children while you attend class. There is also the museum, IMAX theatre and Tom Brown Park that are perfect child-friendly areas.

The districts surrounding FAMU are predominantly surrounded by a younger population eager to discover what college life has to offer. With plenty of bars, restaurants, and parks nearby, this neighbor hood rarely experiences a dull moment.

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