Are the Beaches far from Tallahassee?

Unlike many bay cities embedded in the Sunshine State, Tallahassee is not directly embodied by a sound of coastlines and waters. However, that doesn't keep many residents from enjoying the warm climate waters and moist sunshine of the State.

Tallahassee is more known for its National parks and lakes just outside the college campus district of the city. There are plenty of areas to take advantage of when looking for a natural body of water to take a swim in. Depending on which area of the city you decide to live in, there will be recreational park within minutes of Tallahassee apartments.

Lake Talquin, a popular State Park in Tallahassee, is located in Northwest Tallahassee, about ten miles west of the capitol building . Many residents enjoy Lake Talquin by jogging throughout its hiking trails and fishing off of the 500ft boardwalk. This park is famously known for its fishers, hunters and campers. Lake Talquin is enriched with some of Florida's outstanding wildlife such as turkey, deer, birds, and gators. Tallahassee apartments near Lake Talquin are fairly priced and surrounded by a more rural setting.

Lake Ella is arguably the most popular recreational park in Tallahassee. Centrally located in the city, this lake sits just south of Tharpe Street and just north of Downtown Tallahasee. Lake Ella is flooded with 12 acres of park space. The site has several picnic shelters and paved pathways used for skateboarding, hiking, biking and jogging. As a result of its built in attributes and plentiful space, many exercise gurus have been attracted to this park. It is not unusual to see many joggers taking advantage of the paved pathways and wooded views. There are several morning yoga sessions throughout the week in additional to astronomer clubs and study groups. You can nearly live in Tallahassee apartments located anywhere throughout the city and still have a short and easy access to this park. However, most residents who enjoy the park do tend to live in Downtown or Thomasville areas.

Maclay Gardens State Park is an area often easy to commute to. Just off of I-10, this park is known for its swimming, canoeing and fishing. There is a golf course located just a minute away from this community and is perfect for those who enjoy swinging a round of golf followed by an afternoon swim.

Although these are just a few of the named waters within the Tallahassee city limits, there are several more to enjoy. Apartments near Tallahassee are not exactly located just minutes away from beaches. However, many students and residents of the city do tend to take spring break drips to Florida's panhandle where you can enjoy some of the nation's best beaches. This road trip will cost you less than a three- hour commute.

Other travels decide to drive down to Jacksonville, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete or Cocoa to spend a few days in the white-sand. These trips can be anywhere from 2 to five hours long.

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