What is the fashion like at FSU?

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Florida State University is one of the prominently known campuses throughout the nation and one of the most popular colleges in the state of Florida. Although located in the Sunshine State's capital city, the Florida State University area of Tallahassee has marred its way towards becoming more aggressively known as a college town as opposed to a government sanction.

Being one of the top performing schools in the ACC has definitely attracted students to the University neighborhoods from all parts of the Nation. With that being said, you can expect to experience the top pick of the liter when it comes to the college's student body. Meaning, student come to class dressed to impress.

For starters, FSU is known for their after school affairs, or more so, their nightly activities. FSU apartments and the actual campus for that matter, are surrounded by a variety of night life. From clubs to pubs, dinners and restaurants, there are very few places that are closed at night. Of course, these natural nightly habits spark club wear fashion and daytime outfits.

Campus life fashion is mostly causal wear and fairly laid back. Most students who live in FSU apartments near campus prefer to walk to class, putting on as little clothes as possible during the summer months in order to avoid the Florida humidity and heat. While on campus, you can expect most students to be sporting flipflops, shorts, tanks, t-shirts, maxi dresses and even yoga wear. Like most college campuses, the students here prefer comfort and ease while sitting in hours of lectures. However, do not expect average from these students. Although most students prefer to be comfortable, it is rare that a student does not appear put together or effortlessly flawless.

Outside of school, the little black dress dominates most clubs in the community. From spandex tights to crop tees and cutouts, most women at Florida State rarely pair their outfits without heels. However, there are pubs and bars that are less casual. These places, such as AJ's and Mid Town's Filling Station, are welcoming to all jean wearing and flipflop lovers.

Although most FSU students are well dressed, high fashion really does not force itself into the college world at Florida State. This could be just a college budget exemption. However, there are few designer stores near FSU apartments, which could play a large factor in clothing options.

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