Are there hospitals near FAMU?

Emergencies manage to unearth a downright frenetic is nearly all individuals. Whether you are tailing a college student or a vibrant mother of three, living near a hospital adds sensibilities to those who may be a purveyor of accident-prone injuries.

Let's face it, you do not want to be one of those people lamenting on how disastrous your injury became when traveling forty-five minutes to your nearest emergency room. In any emergency situation, it is always a relief knowing that a hospital is just around the corner. If you are one of those who find comfort in knowing you are only a short drive to the nearest emergency soon, it may be of vital importance to live in FAMU apartments near a hospital.

FAMU is located in the Southwest district of Tallahassee. Yes, this area is the wonder kind filled with coed bliss and studious efforts. Many residents here may distant any thought of human error and future interests. However, no matter what conditions one is subject to, all should plan or be aware of what to do and where to go in an emergency situation.

The main hospital near FAMU apartments is Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. With over 500 physicians, Tallahassee Memorial is the seventh largest hospital in the state of Florida and specializes in general medicine. Just under 12 minutes away, Tallahassee Memorial is located on E 7th Avenue, just outside of LaFayette Park. Many students tend to live in this area due to his close proximity to campus and his easy access to the recreational park.

Slightly further Florida A&M University is Capital Regional Medical Center. Capital Regional is roughly a 17 minute drive from the school and is located just in the center of town.

If you prefer a walk in Urgent care or clinic, there are 7 Patient first Urgent Care centers near Tallahassee apartments. Just in the student district alone are three popular locations that are regularly visited by Florida State University and FAMU students. These locations take up residents off of Monroe St near FSU, in midtown, and Lake Jackson-Apalachee Parkway, which is right around the corner from the University. While this may not be a hospital, this urgent care center is convenient facility for accidents, injuries or illness.

Living in apartment communities near FAMU or apartments in Tallahassee in the Southwest district of Leon county allows you to enjoy a short commute to two different hospitals and several different urgent care institutions. The farthest distance you may have travel to travel in order to receive emergency health care at a hospital may be a 17 minute commute with a minimum travel time of 5 minutes to the closest walk in clinic.

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