Are all three Colleges right next to one another?

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FAMU and TCC students choose apartment close to FSU all the time, because it really isn't too far!

Tallahassee is the 128th largest city in the United States. Although the city is home to the notable State Capital, two major State Universities and a sister community college, all of these buildings basically reside in the same part of town.

The college town area takes up residence in the Southwest district of Tally. Tallahassee apartments in Southwest Tally are located in the center of student action. Although FAMU is not directly located on the same streets as Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College, it is within a minutes drive from the FSU campus site. The Southwestern community of the city has plenty to offer students and residents in the neighborhood.

Apartments near Tallahassee where the three colleges reside are wallet-friendly and immensely affordable for those on a college budget. Additionally, these units are student centered, offering convenient amenities such as twenty-four hour fitness centers, business centers with printers and computers and resort style swimming pools. Most of these apartment communities are walking distance to both FSU and TCC with a short hike to FAMU. There are also many attractions located in the college district. These entertainment quarters come in multiple types such as malls, theaters, bars and restaurants.

Just a skip away from the University Zone is Midtown. Midtown is a great neighborhood to discover adorable and affordable Tallahassee apartments. Although you may not be walking distance to class in this area, Midtown offers a metropolitan appeal within an Indie vibe. Many students have been flocking to this area to enjoy Midtown's trendy boutiques, coffee shops and bars. Communities in this neighborhood are pricier than those homes in the Southwest district. However, living in this area does allow you to have the best of both worlds—student interaction with a city living feel.

With all three colleges being centered in the same district of town, it makes looking for a new place to live an easier task. As a result of the student population being so concentrated in the city, you can surely bet that when moving to Tallahassee it will not be too difficult to meet new faces. Whether you decide to remain in the Southwest community of town, or to travel just outside of the area into Midtown or surrounding neighborhoods, you will still remain minutes from any of the three campuses.

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