How do I know if rent is fair for my apartment?

There is surely something mildly insulting about a rent bargain that drones on great length about how extraordinary of a deal you are getting. When, in actuality, your last “half price off of rent” turned into a recursive nightmare.

Well, good marketing had gotten your feet to the door and a pleasant visage may have persuaded you to sign over your John Hancock in exchange for a year of your life. However pretty that painted picture may have been that day, you come to find your living experience purported nothing but bad luck. So, how do we avoid this dilemma? How do we really know we are getting a “Great deal” on a “Great Apartment?” Here are a few recommendations to avoid the dreaded entrapment.

1. Know your location!

So, you want to live in Tallahassee. Where exactly do you plan on living? Each district of the city offers different spectrums of living from collegiate coteries, to family friendly, urban dwellings and even historical homes.

Like most cities, Tallahassee does have more expensive living areas within its town. To give you the short around, Southeast Tallahassee is the cheapest community in the town. The majority of students live here, consider Florida State, TCC, and FAMU are all located in this district. Tallahassee apartments in this area are predominated with student housing, roommate selection service apartments, and updated units.

If you are hoping to live in downtown, expect to pay more. Tallahassee apartments here are more upscale, secluded and surrounded by metropolitan transportation and design. If you want to live big, you've got to pay big.

Northeast Tallahassee is perfect for families, young professionals or student and g graduates looking to escape college life. This area is older, more laid back, and more spacious. Apartments near Tallahassee is this area are not as cheap as Southeast but not as expensive as downtown. This is a great way to gauge each pricing zone.

2. How much “Bang” are you getting for your “Buck?”

Despite the generic cliché, being aware of how much is included in your living space can be an advantageous bargaining tool. Write down what each property may include in your rent. Some communities include cable, utilities and trash in your rent. Others may throw in a designated parking area, a car washing station. Twenty- four hour fitness centers, and tanning beds. Know what is more important to YOU. Do you prefer cheaper rent or would you prefer to have more on site amenities? Each community will offer something different, but make sure to add up how many perks you get as a resident.

3. Compare and Contrast

Once you have discovered which area you want to live in and have done a fair amount of research to determine what exactly is included in your rent, start your analysis! Look for communities that offer similar amenities and are located near one another. If one property is double the amount of the other one, chances are, you may be getting a fantastic deal. However, keep in mind the amount of resources you have online. You can read about the neighborhood your community is in, find reviews on each property and even take virtual tours.

To easily search for comparable units, feel free to use our apartment locator. Our custom built database will allow you to pull communities that match your criteria. Once you have determined what is important to you, a list of properties that fit your preferences will appear on the page. All you have to do is click on each one to learn more details and pricing information!

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